Jill Wagner | 08.06.19

In today’s digital world, customers are more demanding of field service providers than ever. They expect that the dispatched technician will deliver the right results, right away. The right service technician scheduling software solution can help your organization make sure that the right technician with the right skills, parts, and tools is assigned the right job at the right time.

Fueling the Speed of Service

The difference between great and not-so-great service operations is the ability to manage the unexpected, adjust around real-time disruptions, and communicate effectively. Satisfying customers is less about the type of service, and more about the results of that service and how fast your organization delivers them. An optimized service technician scheduling software solution creates operational efficiencies and facilitates speed of delivery. With customer satisfaction being closely tied to revenue, delivering on expected service commitments is critical.

Gaining Insights from Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Being able to automate scheduling decisions is a game changer with an optimized service technician scheduling software solution. Artificial intelligence-driven technology can use predictive data to reduce idle time, better anticipate travel time, and allow for back up resources to step in quickly when necessary. Service elasticity leaves room for high priority and emergency work without impacting the overall flow of job assignments. AI also helps with future scheduling planning by tracking historical weather conditions.

Rolling with Disruption

Last-minute cancellations, erratic weather conditions, and changing traffic patterns will always be out of your control and will inevitably happen. Develop a flexible policy for dealing with disruption and leverage the optimized power of your service technician scheduling software solution to better manage the unexpected. Rely on route optimization to help eliminate delays throughout the day due to traffic, and schedule technicians with a mix of high and low priority jobs to allow for schedule reshuffling.    

Maximizing Communication Through Visibility

A service technician scheduling software solution enables the dispatcher, technician, and other stakeholders to have visibility into each job through real-time insights delivered by mobility. This allows the dispatcher to communicate ETAs, among other outputs. Visibility is also extended through the solution to customers—helping to boost overall experience. Using their mobile devices, customers can track technicians in real time when they’re in route, share information like photos of broken equipment, get information about the technician, and more.

Delivering Rapid Results, Right Away

With customer demands at an all-time high, field service organizations must have the right resources in place to meet service commitments. An optimized service technician scheduling software solution can help organizations to make sure the right technician is dispatched at the right time to deliver rapid results.