Mobile Workforce Management Software

Arm your workforce with the right information, at the right time with mobile workforce management software.

Leading field service providers know that mobility is no longer about just dispatching jobs to the field and receiving status updates. Instead, they see mobility as the channel by which the field service professional can get the right information, in the right context, and the right time. This could be about the job, the customer, the asset, or others in the field workforce who can assist when needed. ClickSoftware’s mobile workforce management software provides role and industry-specific functionality, to which limitless capabilities can be added. The product supports HTML5 and Windows™ platforms for service, field sales, employee reporting, or management.

ClickSoftware’s Mobility Studio enables rapid creation of user forms, download of ready-to-use components, and development tools empowering companies to quickly deploy new functionality to any of its business audiences. From the service worker to a field supervisor, a shift-based employee or service executive, and from a smart phone to a tablet or laptop, ClickMobile provides a single mobile solution for any enterprise worker.

Merging Consumer Mobile Experience with Field Service Needs

Consumers are used to working in a variety of applications, each totally disconnected from others. However, as these same users are placed in a work context as members of your field workforce, the most effective and efficient field service must place the right information—fully integrated—in the hands of the field service professional at just the moment the information is needed.

Standing in front of the customer without complete information on the assignment is not helpful and will leave the customer frustrated. But a great customer experience offers sufficient information about the customer and the customer’s needs to enable a frictionless and remarkable customer experience. Without it, it’s just another service visit at best.

Likewise, in the context of most service visits there is a need for supplementary information and communication about the work as the field service professional onsite visit progresses, such as availability of parts, helpers, additional assets, or documentation about the problem or asset. Many companies still rely on phone calls, which are both inefficient and require stoppage of work. Until augmented reality and wearables become the norm, communication which requires the interruption of work will continue to eat at productivity and the customer’s end experience.

Often the most painful and inefficient part of a service visit is never seen by the customer or the service organization until well after the job is done. This is the job completion process, which consumes the time of every field service professional, and usually is looked at as such an annoyance that the information is either incomplete, inaccurate, or both. The result is the need for additional auditing, or correction and completion during future visits—warranting a cry from the customer, “I gave you that information previously to another employee in your company. Don’t you share?” This is the epitome of the old way of doing customer service that is being eclipsed by service leaders in every industry.

Daunting but Solvable Challenges in Workforce Mobility

ClickSoftware’s partnership and solutions for workforce mobility provide a solution that meets the most challenging needs of today, while built on a platform of mobile innovation that will support your organization’s direction for the future.

Capabilities in ClickSoftware’s workforce mobility solution include job dispatch and wizard-driven completion based on pre-defined workflows and mandatory information—automatically capturing any details that don’t have to be entered manually by the field service professional. Timesheets and parts consumption are automatically tracked based on the needs of the job, so the timeliness and accuracy of this information is maximized—while the cost of gathering the information is minimized.

Other capabilities including safety checklists and panic buttons, resource radars which show available help, parts, or equipment, and direct communication with dispatchers and others in the field ensure that every moment of every interaction is safe, efficient, and effective. The end result is a customer that is satisfied faster, and a field service professional that can focus on a personalized experience as your company’s brand ambassador—the most customer-facing person in your organization.

Impact of Mobile Workforce Management Software Now and in the Future

In the operations center, a successful workforce mobility solution means total visibility for the dispatch managers and reduced auditing costs after the work is completed. With ClickSoftware's solution, field supervisors get the same visibility from their workforce mobility solution as from their desktop—allowing them to be in the field where they can provide mentorship and solve issues in real time.

ClickSoftware’s workforce mobility solution delivers best practice capabilities defined by the foremost leaders in field service across a wide range of industries. These are extended still further by the ability to use a full rapid mobile development platform for mobile development, using visual tools for speed and ease, but allowing for custom code where needed to augment the best practices with organization-specific needs.

The value to your business is the ability to focus on the business of field service and customer engagement—without the worry of keeping up with the latest mobile technology. ClickSoftware does that for you with our mobile workforce management software.