Field service and workforce management are in a state of significant transformation. In an increasingly connected, mobile, and customer-centric world, every service provider competes not just within their industry, but with every positive service interaction their customers have ever had. Experiences with brands like Amazon, Zappos, and Uber shape customers’ expectations for a seamless, transparent, responsive service—and to be helped in real-time.

The days of service being perceived a necessary evil and a cost center are in the past. Service operations are now a critical business function with potential for supercharging revenue growth and strengthening customer loyalty. With industry-leading technology, unparalleled field service expertise, a truly global presence, and the largest market share, Click is the ultimate partner in customer-focused service organizations that have real work to do.

Market leading technology and industry expertise

Artificial intelligence is deeply embedded in everything we do; allowing for optimized decisions and execution across the service chain that lead to increased scheduling accuracy, improved operational performance, and happier, more satisfied customers:

  • Plan: the ideal amount, type and skill mix of resources based on anticipated demand
  • Promise: times to customers that are optimal for both customers and service providers
  • Allocate: who will deliver, via what route, with what skills, parts, tools, to meet the SLA
  • Execute: while optimizing despite in-day dynamics of traffic, emergencies, duration
  • Engage: with the customer as the estimated arrival time for service is refined
  • Measure: Critical KPI’s to determine if any adjustments are needed to run at peak performance

With Click, artificial intelligence is turned into actual intelligence with real-world experience and state-of-the-art computer science. Our proven processes and capabilities are available in a range of deployment options, depending on customer preference. Our service technology experts, who average 7 years in tenure, can help you bridge software and process in a way that makes your people more empowered and efficient.

Get Real Results with Actual Intelligence

Prediction accuracy—in everything from scheduling to resource utilization—is key in field service optimization. Especially when just one poor or uncalculated decision can impact all lines of business. Just a mile or minute can mean millions of dollars lost at an enterprise scale. And just one missed or delayed appointment can lead to a spiral of inefficiencies and dissatisfaction from the people who depend on you. Your customers count on you to solve their problems—whether that means powering their businesses or heating their homes in the winter. It’s important to show them you care, that you value their time, and that they can trust in you by being precise, on time, responsive, and effective in every service interaction.

Achieving precision requires leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly analyze vast amounts of data. However, relying on technology alone is not sufficient. Service leaders from across the world are improving efficiency, delighting customers, and achieving measurable business value today, by combining data and business know-how. It’s this insight from real-world service experience and actual intelligence that brings service organizations to the next level.