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April 2, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I’ve recently started playing World of Warcraft with my youngest son. Yes, I realize that I’ve crossed a line that I shall never uncross and I am okay with that. It’s good fun, and my son and I have a great time playing. We read strategy guides together, discuss which quests we should take, how best to kill the Clattering Scorpids, who’s cooler – the Taurans (him) or the Trolls (me) – and so on. It’s nice bonding time that I’m sure will dwindle as he moves into his teens.

So why am I writing about World of Warcraft on the ClickSoftware blog? Because I was surprised to see that there are actually a lot of similarities between World of Warcraft and our Service Optimization suite. Really!

Both are very robust, powerful and complex applications that can provide a multitude of user experiences.

  • Each application can be customized with product add-ins to satisfy the user’s requirements.
  • There are countless ways to configure your own user experience.
  • A shared theme is “being connected”. For World of Warcraft that means being connected to the internet community, for Service Optimization that means being connected to your entire service business.
  • ClickSoftware and Blizzard Entertainment both stay connected to the end-user community to understand how to enhance the user experience.

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