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Workforce Management Analytics: Break/Fix Metrics

Workforce Management Analytics: Break/Fix Metrics

Workforce Management Analytics: Break/Fix Metrics

March 24, 2015 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Michael Pistone

Reduce Service & System Downtime By Measuring these Key Metrics

In a workshop this past year, we drilled down into the world of break / fix metrics which yielded an interesting perspective on how deep you could dive into measuring response time, restore time, and actual work duration. We’ll discuss the highest level for this post, and then drill down in the next post.

ThinkstockPhotos-459412095Restore Duration is basically the duration in time from when the system or service stopped working until the system or service is restored. In some contractual agreements, companies and customers stated that the outage time is based on the customer’s notification to the company by either a system message or a call to the call center.

Response Duration is the outage time (as described above) until the arrival on site. The words “on site” get tricky when debating when the truck arrives or when the field resource actually starts working.

Actual Work Duration is the time spent on the repair, from the moment the field resource lays his/her hands on the device until the time that tools and the work site have been clean up, customer signature is obtained, and the field resource is walking out the door. This could even be several hours after restoration time if system testing and other tasks are part of the work order.

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