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Will we ever get the large enterprise service organization and the small contractor in sync?

March 4, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

So you ended up pulling your hair again…you manage a field service operation and you had 3 calls today from furious customers screaming “where is my technician?!!!” . This may be bad enough when you can locate your stray employee, find out they got stuck in traffic and handle the crisis properly.

What if the technician does not work for you? What if you do not have a clue where he is? ….what if you will only know tomorrow why she did not show in time today….
OK – let’s put some order here. Your organization is made in part of field engineers who are on your payroll, but a good part is made of a network of small contractors. You get them a bulk of jobs for the day and off they go. It is your organization who “owns” the call hence any customer inquiry or complain will land within your contact center. Yet, you have no visibility into the way the day unfolds within your contractor “mom and pop” shop.

Well, the challenge is common to quite few organizations especially around telecommunication, white good manufacturers and others.
The good news is that solutions do exist. They rely on a hybrid of products, which are supporting the large organization on one hand, but provide also a comprehensive solution for the small contractor from around the corner.
The integration of such systems into one integrated end-to-end solution allows the large enterprise and the small contractor alike to reap benefit from the extended level of control. How – that’s in the next blog – look for the next chapter under the same title…


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