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What’s the Hype with Gamification?

What’s the Hype with Gamification?

What’s the Hype with Gamification?

February 25, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

The term ‘gamification’ may bring to mind the hungry mouth of Pac-Man, shifting gears on a Nintendo 64 race track or shooting lasers at a space invader. In fact, these ideas are not so far-fetched. For years, games such as these have used the age old practice of gamification to generate revenue and increase player satisfaction.

gamification_achievements appGamification, the process of receiving positive reinforcement and incentives to drive engagement and change behaviors, is catching on in the enterprise. The development of leveling, special items, leaderboards and trophies, have kept gamers motivated to be the best in a competitive realm, and now  business are adopting the approach to bolster employee satisfaction and customer experience.

How can you use gamification to benefit your business? In our new ebook, we outline the value of implementing gamification within your own Field Service Organization.

Motivating your team by using positive reinforcements can make change management fun, improve productivity and behavior of your field workers and most importantly, provide a better experience for your customers. But with analysts predicting that many gamification projects will face challenges in the next few years, how can you ensure your project succeeds?

  • Measure the success of your company’s goals by adding up achievements
  • Embrace those on your team who succeed and turn the fear around a new project into something enjoyable
  • Drive improved efficiency and status of your business by gratifying the people who get you there

ClickSoftware has adopted this tactic of increasing team motivation with The Achievements Center for mobile users to drive improved efficiencies in the field and deliver superior customer service.

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