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The Path To A Successful Mobile Workforce Management Transformation

The Path To A Successful Mobile Workforce Management Transformation

The Path To A Successful Mobile Workforce Management Transformation

May 20, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Guest author: John Carroll, CEO, The Service Council

Is there a common framework used by organizations who have led successful mobile workforce management transformations? In the words of Louis Armstrong, “You say neither and I say nyther. Either, eyether, neither, nyther. Let’s call the whole thing off!” Hold that thought.

Clearly there is business justification for a Mobile Workforce Management Transformation.

Take Unisys Corporation for example. Post-deployment results of their Mobile Workforce Management Transformation yielded the following results:

  •     30% – decrease of service costs
  •     50% – increase of workforce productivity
  •     10% – increase of client satisfaction

Unisys attributes $6 Million in cost savings as a result of their Mobile Workforce Management Transformation. Thus, my suggestion to “hold that thought.”

In our recent blog, Realizing The Full Benefits Of A Mobile Workforce Management Solution (click here to access) we outlined a common set of behaviors exhibited at organizations who have witnessed successful Mobile Workforce Management transformations. These included:

  1. The establishment of an initial baseline measurement of the organizations current and historical performance.
  2. The elimination of cross-departmental barriers and fostering of a collaborative effort.
  3. The seeking of input into the change management strategy from multiple levels within your organization, ranging from field workforce to management (Engaged Employees = Engaged Customers).
  4. The mapping of the customer journey to better understand the who, what, when, where, why and how customers interact with you and/or prefer to interact with you to identify conversion points for the establishment of deeper partnerships.

One can argue against this common framework. Take point 2 above, involving field engineers in the transformation. The Service Council recently held its annual Smarter Services Symposium where we welcomed greater than 225 service leaders from around the globe. We heard many case studies and led several interactive workshops. One of those workshops was on the topic of Service Transformation where Mobile Workforce Management was discussed. One of our guests, Andy Huber, Manager Systems Strategy & Deployment at Xerox Corporation, argued the point that many organizations have gone down the path of transformation so many times that you run the risk of “flavor of the month.” This notion of “flavor of the month” can have an adverse affect on employee engagement and become a nuisance. Point taken.

On Wednesday, The Service Council will host a webcast on Realizing The Full Benefits Of A Mobile Workforce Management Solution featuring Frank Atkinson, Director of Global Field Services at Unisys Corporation brought to you by ClickSoftware. I encourage you to join us for this complimentary webcast.

And while the results noted above ($6 Million in savings) and the path traveled are impressive, Frank will also lead a discussion on Unisys Corporation’s transformation and how the first attempt was not as successful. We’ll also review what corrective actions they took to overcome and place them on the successful path that led to the efficiencies and cost savings remarked upon earlier. This is a position we estimate many service organizations are in as a recent benchmark survey conducted by The Service Council on the topic of Mobile Workforce Management which has seen greater than 225 respondents, 23% of respondents are not satisfied with the current technology enabling Mobile Workforce Management and nearly 88% are seeking increased automation enabled by technology.

I hope you can join us for this interesting discussion.

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