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Schedule Me?…Forget About It!

Schedule Me?…Forget About It!

Schedule Me?…Forget About It!

May 25, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I have spent the last decade and a half helping others (service organizations to be specific) to better manage the time of entire workforces, and I think most would agree that I have been reasonably successful. So the irony perplexes me that I, still am constantly challenged to plan, schedule, and execute without suffering from the same firefighting that I have repeatedly been part of eliminating elsewhere.

My primary excuse? I am ‘unschedulable’. My day is so dynamic, the criteria so qualitative, and my role and activities are so unique that neither a person nor computer could do a better job. But oh that sounds familiar – like almost every client I have ever dealt with!

Am I like them? Are you like me? Surely there are some roles, and some jobs whose value is best expressed with an ad hoc, ‘shoot from the hip’ approach. Aren’t there?

My question to you then is, “What is the criteria?” In other words, “Who are the ‘unschedulable’, and what makes them so?” Is there any such thing?

I’ll start, but instead of ‘black & white’ let us use a spectrum…
(1) Those with more breadth of skills than depth are less ‘schedulable’.
(2) Those with more “customers” (including internal) are less
(3) Those with greater lead time before tasks are due are MORE ‘schedulable’.
(4) …
(?)… Anyone else have something to ADD or DISPUTE?

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