Need to Achieve Shorter Estimated Time of Restorations? Mobility is Key

Need to Achieve Shorter Estimated Time of Restorations? Mobility is Key

Need to Achieve Shorter Estimated Time of Restorations? Mobility is Key

June 16, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

Even with today’s technology, it’s hard to outsmart Mother Nature. The truth is that outage situations such as storms, floods and other catastrophic events can be critical and unforeseen. Utilities must accurately put measures in place that are timely and customer-centric.  At the time of a crisis, customers expect their utility company to provide real-time updates on critical situations. These scenarios often test the management and efficiency of regional and national response crews and their operations.  man sits in flooded living room869

The only way to realistically and accurately speed up restoration efforts, working with the crew resources available, is through mobility. Mobility solutions can enable seamless collaboration and communication; dramatically changing how utilities operate during outage situations. Responding to customers in a swift manor is a big factor in the event of a disastrous weather scenario. By integrating a mobile workforce organizations can deliver a client-centric performance and enable cost-focused care. Broader visibility allows you to communicate back to your customers through your mobile device with a more accurate estimated time for restoration. Customers won’t be flooding you with answers, and the problem can be fixed in the allotted time.
In our new eBook, we outline the value of real-time mobility in dealing with nature’s catastrophes. Being connected to other crews and critical data can:

  • Improve communication between the service provider, rescue crews, first responders, and customers
  • Produce real-time updates on situations, enabling a more accurate ETRs and improving the customer experience
  • Make it easier to comply with regulatory standards to minimize fines
  • Enable leaders to make timely and critical decisions

Learn more, download: How Mobility Can Drive Shorter Estimated Time for Restorations (ETRs)


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