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Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Available for Windows Mobile

July 20, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Many of our customers are using Windows Mobile handsets (rugged or non-rugged).

Windows Mobile is not as fancy as iPhone or Android of course, but it is a powerful OS. (read more about it)

It’s no secret Microsoft is working on Windows Phone 7 which will be exactly the kind of iPhone killer everyone wants it to be, but for may organizations – WinPho will not be the right choice. At least not the first release of it.

Until then, or regardless to that –

Microsoft’s Office 2010 business productivity suite hit retail shelves and online stores to much fanfare recently, following last month’s launch of its pint-sized counterpart, Office Mobile 2010. If you have a Windows Mobile phone, you may be wondering if Office Mobile 2010 is worth the upgrade.

As it turns out, the upgrade to Office Mobile 2010 is free provided you have a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone with the prior version of Office Mobile (6.1/2007) installed. If so, you can upgrade to Office Mobile 2010 via the Windows Mobile Marketplace. If your Windows Mobile 6.5 phone didn’t come with Office, Office Mobile 2010 will set you back $30, and it isn’t available at all for devices with earlier versions of Windows Mobile.

The new version has some UI improvements (more finger friendly), integration with PowerPoint, improved documents display and more…

Read more about the new features of Office Mobile 2010 in the article below:

6 new features in office mobile 2010


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