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Android Jelly Bean – A New Fancy Brand?

Android Jelly Bean – A New Fancy Brand?

Android Jelly Bean – A New Fancy Brand?

July 24, 2012 The Clickipedia Blog Team 0 Comments

Have you heard the rumors about Google’s next generation mobile operating system? Well, rumor has it that Google is to unveil the new OS by the end of this year.

I’ve pulled together some details on the new brand with a fancy and sweet name.

Here is the summary of what the new Google OS might offer to mobile users across the universe.

The New Features

According to reports, Chrome will become the default browser for Android when Jelly Bean arrives, offering users a slick, tabbed web surfing. We’ve recently seen Google Chrome internet browser app for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.

With dual-core and quad-core processors now ruling the roost when it comes to mobile power, Android Jelly Bean is expected to optimize these super quick chips and provide a fluid and speedy experience.

If you’re an HTC user you’ll be familiar with lock screen widgets and this feature could be made a permanent option with Android Jelly Bean, bringing widgets to every manufacturer’s lock screen.

As more and more files are downloaded onto our devices, it becomes increasingly tricky to keep track of everything. Some manufactures offer file managers as part of their user interfaces, but Android currently lacks its own dedicated file manager, something Jelly Bean can hopefully solve.

An improved power management suite would also be useful and Google may provide it in the new operating system.

To sum up: for those of us who are Android followers, the new OS will make the user experience better, faster, and provide a smoother user interface.

Last but not least, what do the manufacturers say?

Asus reportedly wants to be the first company to offer devices running the new Android. LG guarantees to follow it. HTC and Samsung have not responded yet, but they definitely will not stay behind.

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