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10 Mobile Deployment Tips For Enterprise Organizations

10 Mobile Deployment Tips For Enterprise Organizations

10 Mobile Deployment Tips For Enterprise Organizations

May 25, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

I recently came across a great article in MobileEnterprise, talking about 10 Steps For A Mobile Deployment:

“Know your system, know its limitations, and don’t go for cutting edge if the technology doesn’t cut it in terms of your overall mobility plans and strategies.”

Many of the tips are inline with MobileFever’s 10 Common Mistakes in Enterprise mobility guide, but it’s always nice to learn from other experts:

  1. Look before leaping.
  2. Talk to your road warriors.
  3. Ping your IT peers.
  4. Match form to function in device selection. “Choose a device that is compatible with industry standards, is in sync with your applications needs, provides flexible and manageable security, and does not carry a heavy service and support load. Look beyond the initial price and evaluate long-term costs, such as wireless data charges, service plans, per-person use charges, and the a la carte pricing usually associated with mobile resource management (MRM) solutions.”
  5. Mind your own business. “Find a solution provider who knows your industry inside and out, and has a client track record to prove it.”
  6. Ponder Policy Management. “This includes user guidelines, security safeguards, maintenance and upgrades, and what to do when a device gets lost. Users should have a clear and common set of rules for each device, including log-on procedures, protecting passwords, the types of applications used on the device (both business and personal), and best practices for VPN access. Mobile policies should also establish rules for syncing data with a corporate resource and making use of encryption to protect data in transit. “
  7. Take flight with a pilot program.
  8. Expand your pilot into other areas of the company.
  9. Test and retest your security safeguards. “Require users to change passwords every few months, and review mobile policies when they do so. Audit mobile systems usage (in terms of the applications being used) and making use of security applications that automate required safeguards.”
  10. Plan ahead and plan for the unexpected.

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