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5 Ways Field Service Can Engage Customers on the Customer Journey

Most Recent Post | Karo Kilfeather

5 Ways Field Service Can Engage Customers on the Customer Journey

Customers no longer see their relationship with your company as a single product or visit. They view it as an ongoing relationship. One where they hold the power. To stay in their good graces, you’ve got to deliver speed and convenience across devices and channels without sacrificing quality. If you want to strengthen your relationships with your customers and keep them coming back, you need to include include them at every stage of the field service customer journey. Here are five ways ...
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ClickSoftware | July 4, 2018

Kevin Jackson and Gerard Blokdijk: Improving Field Service With AI & Machine Learning

Internet service providers, cable companies, and communications organizations are facing some of the biggest changes in communications history. 5G networks loom...
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Barrett Coakley | June 26, 2018

3 Ways to Recruit and Retain Millennials in Home Healthcare

With a rapidly aging population, the demand for home healthcare providers has peaked. Today 8.5 percent of people worldwide (617 million) are aged 65 and older....
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ClickSoftware | June 20, 2018

Click and Diabsolut Sign Reseller Agreement

We are thrilled to announce the signing of a strategic reseller agreement with our long-time integration and implementation partner Diabsolut FSM. The agreement...
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ClickSoftware | June 13, 2018

6 Steps to Manage Change During Field Service Management Software Implementation

From streamlining scheduling to increasing the productivity of your remote workforce to enhancing customer experience, a modern field service management softwar...
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ClickSoftware | June 6, 2018

Webinar Replay: Cracking the Home Healthcare Service Dilemma

Home healthcare organizations face a unique challenge of balancing several conflicting interests. Somewhere between meeting strict regulatory compliances and de...
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ClickSoftware | May 30, 2018

Build a Winning Team to Successfully Implement a FSM Solution

Contributors: Prathima Rao, Senior Project Manager; Mor Angel, Solution Architect; Justin Ugerio, Solution Architect (ClickSoftware Professional Services) Afte...
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Sumair Dutta | May 24, 2018

Maintaining the Head Start in Your Proactive Support Journey

In a previous blog post “Proactive Service. Predictive Service. What’s the Difference?”, I outlined the various components of a proactive support strategy...
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Katelyn Burrill | May 22, 2018

Live Traffic Updates: The New Reality in Field Service Routing

Almost everyone today relies on one navigation app or another to get to where they are going, and not necessarily because they don’t know the way. Google Maps...
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