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Helping our customers excel in delivering exceptional field service has always been about giving them the best tools for the job. Innovation is in ClickSoftware’s DNA, and it drives us to develop smart solutions for every field service challenge.

ClickSoftware products leverage sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve optimization capabilities, and take advantage of smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Both mature and emerging technologies are constantly examined for potential to impact field service and workforce management.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our approach to AI in field service is about making every process and decision smarter and faster—without additional programming or human intervention. When handling hundreds of technicians and thousands of jobs every day, we can deliver optimized schedules, routes, and more in real-time.Solving real and present field service problems with future technology—that’s what we do.

Benefits of AI in ClickSoftware solutions include:

  • Ability to optimize based on business outcomes

  • Seamless and automated schedule optimization

  • Increased efficiency and lower costs

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Internet of Things

ClickSoftware has worked with networked devices for years, even before the concept of an Internet of Things was fully defined. Now, as consumers and businesses rapidly adopt and connect smart devices, expectations of faster and more seamless—or invisible—service have evolved in tandem.
Now you can deliver on the full potential of IoT with solutions that can make device data more visible and actionable.Benefits of IoT with ClickSoftware solutions include:

  • Greater visibility into product usage

  • Proactive maintenance and fewer failures

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Learn more about how ClickSoftware uses IoT in field service

Case Study

Ledcor Adds Visibility into the Workload and Improves Reporting

Ledcor builds and maintains telecommunications infrastructure, and perform on-premises installations to residents and businesses. Their old workforce management system lacked visibility, and made communication between technicians difficult. The old system was entirely office administrated, and all communication with techs was via email. Ledcor Application Manager Rob Semerdijan explains that ClickSoftware solution gives his team greater visibility into the workload and improved reporting. Learn more in the video below.


Field Service Edge Solutions

Differentiate customer experience by automating mobile workforce management.

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