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Streamline scheduling, dispatch and work completion in extended Contractor Management

True Field Service Optimization using Artificial Intelligence

In today’s sophisticated service delivery market, many organizations manage uneven demand through the use of a network of contractors which can scale up, and down, in a way that is more cost effective than using salaried field service professionals.

However, in spite of the obvious benefits of making the service chain more elastic through contractor networks, this ability to more rapidly respond to demand peaks comes with challenges. Though a necessity for capacity expansion, service networks also are a potential obstacle to a standardized customer experience, and introduce management overhead for both the service provider and the contractor, and run the risk of dramatically decreasing a service provider’s visibility into customer service.

ClickSoftware’s Click Field Service Edge extends field service management beyond the internal workforce to give enterprise service providers and their contractors greater visibility and control over the service the end customer receives. This capability presents the enterprise service provider as the single face of service to the consumer (from appointments, to status updates, through completion) for brand and service consistency, while leveraging the service capacity elasticity provided by their contractors.

Increase Capacity

Provide contractors with solutions

With Click Field Service Edge, service providers are able to increase capacity and provide their contractors with a solution without a high barrier to entry. Our Field Service Contractor Software:

  • Allows the service provider to control the tasks assigned to each individual contractor based on criteria such as: cost, skill, customer satisfaction or service level performance
  • Enables the service provider to retain status visibility for each job as they are updated to provide a single face of service to the end customer
  • Delivers real-time updates on job cancellations to avoid unneeded visits, and job rejections (by contractor companies) and to easily re-assign them
  • Makes it easy for the service provider to on-board new contractors and to rapidly get them up on the system
  • Provides immediate proof of service delivery completion by sending a detailed invoice from the contractor to the service provider – including: fixed vs. variable charges, parts charges, the inclusion of signatures or photos, etc. for easier, less time consuming billing
  • Allows the mobile workforce to choose parts from pre-determined catalogs.
  • Provides contractors with control over when the job will be executed, within the given boundaries established by the service provider
  • Provides a low cost of entry to a field service management solution for the contractor

As a result, ClickSoftware's ability to support the extended field service management ecosystem brings benefits for all of the stakeholders:

Service Providers

  • Gain real-time visibility of status for outsourced work
  • Ensure a consistent customer experience for internal / outsourced work
  • Reduce labor required to manage contractors and their work


  • Receive jobs in real time
  • Can easily provide proof of service
  • Increase their staff’s efficiency and drive incremental revenue
  • Speed the order to cash process and increase reimbursement rates
  • Solidify their relationship with the service provider


  • Receive a consistent. and improved, customer experience regardless of the contractor used by the service provider

Field Service Edge Solutions

Differentiate customer experience by automating mobile workforce management.

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