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True Field Service Optimization using Artificial Intelligence

Every field service company schedules and dispatches work already via one method or another. However, as field service takes its role as a core part of company strategies to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the customer – optimizing scheduling and dispatch is where the first, and potentially the largest, value can be realized.

Maximize the Return on Investment in Service

Every moment and every interaction of each field service professional represents an investment in your customers, and in many cases their assets. Operational labor to schedule, dispatch, and manage the work and workforce add to that investment. And the need to respond quickly, potentially at a greater cost of sending someone from far away or during overtime hours, piles one more layer on the investment. The big questions are:

  • How do you control service costs?
  • How do you provide a differentiated customer experience?
  • How do you maximize the return to the service organization and contribute to the company’s growth?

In today's environment, where differentiation is increasingly defined by engaging more deeply with the customer, the ability to maximize the return on this investment will define which companies grow and lead their markets. Whether originally a service company, or a manufacturer, as products are commoditized service provides a continuous way to acquire and retain customers. And when it comes to service, the most obvious and direct influence on the customer’s experience is the ease, convenience, and speed with which service is provided. This is where scheduling and dispatch play a critical role.

Starting with the initial time commitment to the customer, through to successful completion of service, and through follow-up – every step of the process must be executed with perfection in order to outpace competitors. the ability to schedule service must be available via any channel from social to call center to mobile. Response times, whether explicit or implicit, must be met. As the process continues, the customer must be informed automatically, again via their favorite channels, to ensure they are part of, as well as in control of, a transparent process. More than just the simple information about the service visit, dispatch must incorporate the critical information, and allow for real-time field updates. Emergencies will arise, but caught early with the right information for fast decision-making substantially reduces their frequency and impact.

Optimized Service is Challenging but Proven as Achievable

Successful and optimized service delivery is challenging, especially when companies attempt to grow and need to scale their service operation. This is where ClickSoftware delivers the market leading scheduling and dispatch solution, meeting the demands of operations wishing to gain visibility and control, and with capabilities deep enough to support the needs of the most sophisticated service enterprises in the world. The ClickSoftware Community of hundreds of enterprise companies have honed the solution over two decades to provide consistent double-digit improvements in productivity, operational and field cost reductions, and customer loyalty.

ClickSoftware’s scheduling and dispatch solution leverages the most sophisticated technology for scheduling, combining several known algorithmic approaches combined with practical input from dispatchers, managers, and field personnel to raise the level of intelligence that creates and maintains the schedule. The sophistication level is unparalleled in the market, specifically in its ability to optimize every type of work and resources – making it the only solution available that can support an organization with multiple business lines with a single implementation. Whether short duration jobs serviced by a single professional, or longer work with interdependencies and the need for teams and crews – ClickSoftware’s field service solution can handle it all.

Scheduling & Dispatch in Real-time Operations

Sophistication in scheduling and dispatch takes on new meaning for service operations on the day of service. There is no time for slow decisions or long searches to accommodate service visits that go long, VIP customers with urgent problems, unexpected traffic, problems with site access, customer cancellations, or the myriad of other challenges that are by definition part of managing a day in service. Even the best planned schedules invariably change as jobs start or end slightly out of line from what was scheduled. In most organizations, these minutes are lost and considered part of the “average” which works out at the end of the day.

ClickSoftware’s solution includes real-time integration of the real-time updates coming from the field, and the intelligent schedule optimization. The speed with which the optimization works enables the instant reshuffling of a schedule, and support features such as truth-based, real-time appointment booking – without interrupting the work of dispatchers. This also enables service organizations to gain back these minutes, which aggregate into hours of gained productivity each day – from the same workforce.

A Holistic Approach to Optimizing Service

However, that’s not enough. Optimizing scheduling and dispatch implies not just automation, but a harmonious relationship between the dispatch operations, the field professionals, the directives from management, and the technology. This drives the need for a partner that has been through the challenges of optimizing service many times before, with best practices for processes, adoption, and maintenance of a streamlined service operation. ClickSoftware’s field service solution approach is holistic, and based on guidance stemming from the community of service leaders that drive ClickSoftware solutions, from virtually every service industry across the globe.

Since the early 1990’s, ClickSoftware’s solution for scheduling and dispatch in field service management has led the way as the choice for customer and asset facing service organizations wishing to differentiate themselves based on service. The current mandate for service across most industries requires a solution that can deliver unparalleled responsiveness, productivity, and cost reduction – all while providing a superb customer experience. ClickSoftware’s solution has proven time and again to be the highest value, and the safest choice for the simplest and the most sophisticated service operations.

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