StreetSmart Mobile Workforce Management

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Configurable mobile apps seamlessly connect businesses to a cloud-based management application with options for configuration and back office integration. The turnkey apps and cloud-based management software allow organizations to streamline time-consuming mobile workforce administrative processes and reduce operational costs.

Configurable Mobile Workforce Apps and Management Software

Meet you productivity and service goals easily

Employee locations and activities are at the administrator’s fingertips and can immediately be used to make informed dispatch decisions, improve productivity and ensure employee safety. Information is easily captured and shared with mobile service and invoice forms. The ability to capture signatures, take photos, and scan bar codes shorten time to invoice. The payroll process is simplified with automated timesheets and backend integration to payroll systems. Customer service levels improve with accurate information on arrival times and job status.

As the industry’s leading configurable mobile productivity solution provider, StreetSmart helps thousands of businesses meet their productivity and service goals for about $1 per day per user.

  • Jobs Management: create and dispatch jobs electronically with StreetSmart Jobs Management. As workers complete a job, all details of the job progress, start and end times and form information is automatically consolidated and is available to view from virtually anywhere.
  • Track and Trace: provide the location of every mobile employee on a Google Map with detailed information such as arrival times, break status, the route driven and more.
  • Mobile Forms: save time and money by eliminating manual paperwork. Verifiable time, date and location stamps increase accountability and provide proof of service. Scan barcodes, capture signatures and attach photos to share via email.
  • Timesheets: allow mobile workers to clock in, record breaks, and clock out right on their mobile device. Hours captured are validated with time, date and location stamps. Optional integration with payroll systems allows data to feed automatically to backend systems.
  • Mileage Manager provides trip details with employee, date, location and job information. Easily compare odometer, GPS and Google suggested miles to increase accountability. Compare routes driven with Google suggested routes to optimize routes, save gas and increase productivity.

Field Service Edge Solutions

Differentiate customer experience by automating mobile workforce management.

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