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True Field Service Optimization using Artificial Intelligence

The experience that comes from powering billions of field service engagements and helping nearly a million field service professionals do an exceptional job every day makes ClickSoftware Professional Services the most comprehensive and knowledgeable partner for all of our customers’ service needs. We continue to innovate and further build on 20 years of delivering the world’s leading Mobile Workforce Management solution to hundreds of enterprise customers across the globe. It’s not only the technology and platform that have evolved and improved but our entire set of Professional Services offerings; from core schedule optimization, to mobility, and to enhanced customer engagement tools. ClickSoftware continually receives the highest ratings of all Mobile Workforce Management solutions from leading analysts and advisors for both our products and our services.

Expertise Developed Over Decades

a pioneer in Field Service Management solutions

Having pioneered the Field Service Management category over 20 years ago, this spirit of innovation extends to ClickSoftware’s services organization as well. Our Professional Services team of over 250 project experts continues to fine tune processes and project management procedures to find efficiencies that drive rapid value for our customers. The result is a lean, agile and systematic approach to new solution integrations, as well as to incumbent customer upgrades and cloud migrations. At the core of the service offering is our SOLID implementation methodology, a process that creates and leverages a deep and collaborative partnership with our customers to drive rapid results that produce the highest value and ensure uncompromising quality.

SOLID, or “Service Optimization Lean Implementation & Deployment”, takes the foundation of the agile project management and then builds in the knowledge and experience we have gained over thousands of projects to increase project speed and return on investment by replicating the processes that have been most successful and efficient throughout the years. New ClickSoftware customers achieve a benefit available only from the world’s largest Mobile Workforce Management customer base by extending the experience gained by similar organizations in the ClickSoftware Community with their deployments. Additionally, the experience acquired across the ClickSoftware Community delivers efficiency and immediate value from the very beginning of becoming a ClickSoftware customer, and continues throughout the relationship through peer best practices sharing which are available online, at ClickSoftware events, and via networking with the world’s most forward-thinking and demanding service providers: ClickSoftware customers.

The value and quantifiable results realized by working with ClickSoftware Professional Services don’t end with the successful deployment of the solution – they start there. The ability to leverage our knowledgeable Professional Service resources is an exclusive asset to our customers, regardless of where they are in their customer lifecycle with ClickSoftware. The journey starts with a discovery process in advance of implementation, rolls into the integration and deployment and then covers all aspects of post deployment services to deliver continuous improvement and service enhancements to the business.


Delivering the best in performance and efficiency

With ClickSoftware’s SOLID methodology and rich integration APIs, our expert team of engineers work with our customers’ staff to deliver service performance and efficiency gains that meet the specific requirements of their service model. Our APIs are continually updated to support the latest technologies, and we have deep experience and knowledge from working with many of the largest software providers such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Siebel, as well as with home grown systems of all types. Over 90% of our customers integrate our solution with at least of 3-4 back-end systems at the same time to take advantage their entire application ecosystem.

Best Practices

Once successfully deployed, improvements and enhancements ensure that the solution meets each of our customers' evolving needs. ClickSoftware’s Professional Services team comes equipped with best practices experience in virtually every service industry sector – which increases with each engagement. Our teams work together with their counterparts around the world to share knowledge and best practices, extending that experience out to our customers and partners. In fact, many of the lessons learned by working with our customers result in enhancements to the core product to keep our customers ahead of their competition and their customers’ demands.

Change Management

Our hundreds of sophisticated engagements have taught us that the integration of the solution is only the beginning. New technologies and process changes can be disruptive, but we understand change management from our customers’ and their service professionals’ perspective. We help customers understand the challenge, minimize the impact, and derive the highest productivity from the changes to the daily life of their users, dispatchers and mobile workers. We help our customers find ways to minimize and overcome these challenges, and we come prepared with a documentation library full of white papers outlining real-life best practices for change management that improve user acceptance, adoption and satisfaction with the solution. We augment these capabilities with mobility features that leverage gamification to make changes easier and more enjoyable for field service technicians.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our experience runs the gamut from projects that are short and simple, to projects that have many business work flows over multiple business units across many regions or countries. Regardless of the scale and scope a project, we work in collaboration with our customers to implement new features and processes that meet their business priorities. From a full on-site team responsible for the entire end-to-end project, to on-site consultancy services that can advise best practices, we work with each customer to find the right fit for their specific project and timelines.


ClickSoftware provides both our customers and integration partners with training and education services necessary to successfully carry out their implementations and projects. We offer a variety of activities and courses for customers and partners to help them master the technology and become proficient in pushing service value.

ClickSoftware's professional trainers will ensure our customers are fully equipped to get the most out of their technology investment. Courses are offered via eLearning, on-site at their own premises, on-demand or in one of our dedicated training centers, including:

  • eLearning courses built using a state of the art online learning system which offers participants a comfortable and seamless training experience. This features a self-learning website which can be used for study purposes.
  • Classroom courses tailored for those participants that prefer to attend training sessions led by a trainer. These courses are specifically designed for different types of users, from dispatchers and developers to systems administrators and implementation teams.
  • Certification Programs that ensure each team develops the right mix of functional and technical skills to successfully customize, integrate and develop service optimization solutions that help drive more value to their customers.
  • Technical training tracks focused on implementation, configuration, development and integration of ClickSoftware product offerings. The role-based training allows trainees to focus on the knowledge that best fits their skills and role in the project.

When it comes time to implement, integrate, upgrade or migrate any aspect of a ClickSoftware solution, there is no more valuable asset than having our dedicated Mobile Workforce Management Professional Services experts working side-by-side with each customer’s implementation team to deliver rapid, enhanced value from their investment in ClickSoftware.

Consulting & Value Add Services

Our customers draw upon on our business expertise to help them get the most out of their technology investment before, during and after implementation – much like we help them deliver the best service to their customers before, during and after the day of service. ClickSoftware's Consulting Services offers a portfolio of services designed to bring incremental and quantifiable efficiencies regardless of their sophistication. Each service is targeted to address audiences of various levels, from managers to executives to propel value across all levels of an organization.

ClickSoftware's Consulting Services Include:

  • Service Operation Review
  • Service Performance Benchmark
  • Schedule Optimization Tuning
  • Application Data Layer Tuning
  • Geographical Coverage Analysis
  • System Health Check
  • Building a Business Case
  • Service Change Management
  • Service Excellence: The Executive View
  • Achieving Operational Excellence
  • Proactive Management in a Reactive Industry

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