Karo Kilfeather | 05.24.16
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We are pleased that Vectren Corporation has come on board and joined us as one of our newest ClickSoftware customers. As an energy holding company delivering services to more than 1 million customers across Indiana and Ohio, Vectren Corporation selected ClickSoftware’s optimized scheduling, street-level routing and automated dispatch workforce management solution primarily to improve business processes, but also because the technology was easy to configure and flexible enough to evolve with their changing business needs. Their initial roll out of the solution will include 400 techs for Meter Order Management (MOM) and, in a second phase, they plan to implement phase two with their Construction, Maintenance and Compliance (CMC) team (another 450 field resources).

"The current scheduling systems were 10+ years old and required major upgrades. It was an opportunity to revisit all the solutions in this market space before committing to those projects. Our analysis led us to the unanimous decision that Click was the right platform to meet our needs, now, and in the future” said Tom Vargo, Director, Strategic Technology Programs, at Vectren Corporation.

Vectren’s Story

As part of their strategic forward looking business strategy, Vectren Corporation decided to upgrade their current field management solution by adopting ClickSoftware to improve operations and efficiency. With an unwavering focus on the need to conserve natural resources through optimization of field resources, Vectren partnered with ClickSoftware to upgrade their meter services operations with ClickSchedule Advanced, Esri GIS Adapter and ClickLocate applications.

ClickSoftware’s appointment prioritization capabilities will help Vectren to expedite prioritizing orders with appointments earlier in the route giving more cushion against the end of the appointment window. Prior to implementing ClickSoftware, multiple Vectren dispatchers were required to monitor appointments to ensure Minimum Gas Service Standards (MGSS) were met, but with ClickSoftware’s dynamic optimization engine and process automation there is an opportunity to reclaim 60 minutes of daily dispatcher time.

A ‘Day-in-the-Life’

With ClickSoftware, a “day in the life” of a Vectren dispatcher will now include the addition of proactive notifications sent to dispatchers of events that need attention, while also reducing the number of incoming calls from the field techs and supervisors concerning routing and running out of work.

Darin Carroll, Director, Field Operations noted that “’Setting the Plate‘ (preparing the schedules, routes, etc.) in the mornings has been manual and time consuming for dispatchers. Having the ability to quickly identify all routes and resources visually on a map will help expedite dispatching and improve overall resource management.”

At ClickSoftware, we are pleased to be working with Vectren to ensure their MOM field service success in meeting the needs of their customers and look forward to helping implement our technology for their CMC work in the coming year. Our solutions help our customers address the complex field service management challenges they are presented with every day and we take great pride in our customer’s success.