Karo Kilfeather | 04.27.16
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It’s easy to lump all B2B tech solutions into two giant groups: the dinosaurs of old who barely hold on to market share simply by their size and budgets, and the nimble startups that come in and disrupt what the dinosaurs have been doing to date. This is an oversimplified view or a much more complex picture. In the case of ClickSoftware, it’s also completely out of focus. Having matured along with the field services industry for over 20 years, ClickSoftware has preserved its innovative spirit and its relentless drive towards excellence. Maintaining its leadership position in the market is the result of managing billions of successful service interactions and anticipating what the market will want next.

Today, ClickSoftware is proud and thrilled to announce the official launch of the next big thing in field service management: Click Field Service Edge. Taking a big leap forward in both technology and field service philosophy, the newest version of our platform will change how the business world sees field service management and operations.

The release of our cloud offering provides customers with additional features and speed, and heralds a change in how we think about field service. With nearly a million field service professionals using ClickSoftware products, we believe our platform can help service organizations prioritize customer engagement and relationship building with service as a core differentiator and business growth driver. It’s time to take service from reactive to predictive, and transform every customer interaction to increase customer lifetime value.

ClickSoftware is launching its new flagship product exclusively as a SaaS (software as a service) offering, enabling our cloud solutions to play a leading rather than supportive role, as before. Bringing an intelligent, responsive, intuitive, and highly effective product into the cloud enables ClickSoftware customers to take advantage of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and engineering prowess, as well as the security and stability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the backbone of the world’s most dependable websites and cloud-based products. With its limitless computing power, our cloud offering will provide an experience that’s as much as five times faster than before.

The artificial intelligence engine built into ClickSoftware products enables smart optimization of service decisions at every stage of service delivery, and in real time.

As with many industries, cloud solutions are the future for field service, but we understand not all customers want to host their technology in the cloud. On-premise solutions will continue to be part of ClickSoftware’s product offering.

Click Field Service Edge will establish a new paradigm for how field service management software should work, setting the bar a little higher for vendors, and helping customers serve their customers with unparalleled quality and responsiveness.

“As a company that has successfully managed billions of service engagements, and is exclusively focused on providing field service technology– since creating the market – we know what it takes to help our customers always be a step ahead of the demand, not just move in lockstep with it,” explained ClickSoftware CEO Tom Heiser. “We designed Click Field Service Edge to help prepare for the future, and transform the business of customer field service operations from reactive to predictive.”

Click Field Service Edge is currently being used by key customers including; Pacific Biodiesel, a leader in community-based biodiesel production and Southern Dock, one of the nation's largest providers of commercial doors, loading dock equipment and dock maintenance services.

Benefits of the new Click Field Service Edge include:

  • Increased Service Intelligence: Real-time status updates – including location and estimated time of arrival – provide organizations with competitive service advantages, enabling them to quickly plan, respond and deliver the best customer service experience possible. Leveraging established service policies and intelligent decision recommendations helps increase business users’ efficiency and productivity. Additionally, integrated tools and bi-directional communication, such as interactive appointment confirmation details, not only improves customer engagements, but also increases customer satisfaction, retention and organic revenue growth.
  • Ease-of-Use: Intuitive tools and a flexible user interface allows mangers to create, test and deploy new functionality to drive user efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. Continual, seamless upgrades provide greater agility and enables business users to stay ahead of the competition while also eliminating the expense and time of IT integration.
  • Improved Scale and Scope: Developed for the cloud, the solution’s performance-optimized architecture offers efficiency, scalable and flexibility to continually support business growth and the changing technology needs of the market for decades to come. In addition, Click Field Service Edge’s intelligent mobile efficiency eliminates unnecessary data transfer on field devices to ensure that critical data is sent and received – even when connections are not optimal.

Launching Click Field Service Edge marks a bold new chapter in field services technology. With ClickSoftware’s suite of solutions, community of experts, and singular focus on field service, it’s also a rallying cry to present and future customers to transform how service and engagement create lifetime customer value, and fit into the growth strategies for their business.

For more information about the Click Field Service Edge launch, read the full story and visit our website for product details