Chris Gera | 02.05.19
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ClickSoftware, in collaboration with the Service Council, will soon be hosting a webinar on the “How To” of Employee Engagement, including success factors on improving engagement. Click, a Sponsor of the Service Council, is a thought leader in the development of mobile tools for monitoring and assessing employee engagement that gives managers accessible means for staying on top of engagement. 

Why is employee engagement so important? According to a 2017 Gallup poll on the Global Workplace, 87 percent of workers worldwide and 70 percent of employees in the U.S. are either not engaged or actively disengaged. Furthermore, the cost of low employee engagement is staggering: Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 to $550 Billion per year. On the positive side, organizations with high employee engagement experience higher earnings per share, 22 percent higher profitability and 21 percent higher productivity, 37 percent lower absenteeism, 28 percent lower “shrinkage”, 48 percent fewer staff safety incidents and higher customer engagement as well.

The Service Council's experience with successful initiatives to improve employee engagement has been, among other things, greater collaboration, more employee-driven innovation in service processes and a culture that becomes more resilient in times of organizational change. In our own research, “The Field Service Leader’s Agenda–a 2018 Service Council Trends Survey, almost 50% of leaders deemed field service collaboration as their top focus area, and two of their top 4 concerns were employee engagement and field service collaboration with other functions.

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Clearly, as leaders experience continued pressures to drive efficiencies and increase revenues, while also improving on customer satisfaction, they can’t lose sight of the cultural dynamics that underlie any efforts at operational improvement. As Jim Collins stated in his book, “Built to Last”, leaders have to become masters of the “Genius of the AND”, instead of falling prey to the “Tyranny of the OR”. Instead of thinking we can do one thing, such as focus on cost cutting rather than enhancing customer satisfaction, we need to be able to drive efficiency and cut costs, and at the same time improve both the employee and the customer experience.

A successful approach to changing to a culture of high employee engagement is what Smarter Services Leadership™ (SSL) is all about. With SSL methods, including Click's easily-accessible engagement tools, employee engagement and customer satisfaction increase, while employee attrition is reduced and operating cost is cut, among other benefits.

With SSL, we focus on tools and methods that encourage two-way communication at all levels in the organization. Specific performance expectations include achieving performance results in a collaborative way, and service to others is not only expected, but rewarded. An intangible benefit expressed by staff and leadership alike is that the workplace has a noticeably different feel to it. To paraphrase a leader at one global field service organization.“…there’s a positive energy that did not exist before SSL.”

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