Haley Bucelewicz | 05.10.17
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Suramericana is one of the largest insurance companies in Latin America. Their goal is to provide positive customer experiences with high quality, quick, and efficient service. Quick and efficient service is especially important when assisting customers through a car accident because they could be dealing with a life or death situation. Their customers need attention right away, and want to know when they can expect help.

Suramericana IT Analyst Mario Aristizabal explains his team is always in a rush to help customers. Before ClickSoftware, his team was using manual processes to help customers. Today, they're working with ClickSoftware to create analytic models to prevent accidents.

Aristizabal sees three main benefits in ClickSoftware's solution:

  • Visibility: Techs can communicate with customers when they are traveling to a site, and they can let headquarters know when they've completed a job
  • Optimization: Artificial intelligence driven automatic scheduling allows for faster, more efficient service
  • Customer Experience: His team is able to make customers happy by solving their problems quickly

Learn more about how Suramericana improved field service management by watching the video below.