Haley Bucelewicz | 05.03.17
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SGS Automotive is the largest testing, inspection, and certification company in the world. Before SGS began working with ClickSoftware, they were experiencing a large volume of growth. SGS vice President Tony Perkins explains the growth was difficult to manage, and negatively impacted their service delivery, finances, and customer experience. His team was developing their own schedules, and faxing or emailing them to technicians. This meant Perkins and his team had limited visibility into the workload, and their schedules were inefficient.

With ClickSoftware's artificial intelligence driven schedule optimization solution, Perkins and his team are able to meet customer service level agreements (SLAs) and deliver faster service. Likewise their customers and their team both get visibility into the workload.

Perkins adds what he likes best about working with ClickSoftware:

  • With visibility into daily schedules he has real-time assurance and traceability of his staff
  • The added visibility gives his customers confidence in his team's ability to deliver
  • His team is able to react accordingly to disruptions on the day of service, such as a flat tire

Watch the video below to more about why Perkins believes implementing ClickSoftware was a win for both his organization and his customers.