ClickSoftware | 09.28.16

Editor’s Note: The following was announced in a press release from ServiceBench, a leading provider of service management solutions.

The Click Field Service Edge® route optimization platform is now integrated with the ServiceBench System and Business Management Software.

ServiceBench is excited to announce the launch of its partnership with ClickSoftware introducing a first-to-market service which enables users of its service supply chain management software platforms, in numerous industries, to manage their field service workforces more productively.

The ClickSoftware product contains advanced decision-making algorithms that help service managers and dispatchers optimize their business practices, helping field technicians complete more jobs per day with "real-time" route optimization all at an affordable cost -- a cost that would normally be prohibitive to most service companies.

Louis Rose, vice president and general manager of ServiceBench stated, "Partnering with ClickSoftware is a natural extension to the ServiceBench ServiceOrder/Dispatch module across all of our cloud-based service management platform software products. It demonstrates our commitment to make best-in-class capabilities available to our users at an affordable cost, and our focus to provide our clients with solutions to improve efficiencies and grow their business."

Gilad Brand, vice president of enterprise products at ClickSoftware, sees the partnership as a win for both companies, and for customers. "In partnering with ServiceBench, we saw an opportunity to gain faster adoption for Click Field Service Edge, which signifies our commitment to cloud-first solutions. ServiceBench also connects us to a vast network of contractors and service providers. This enables us to bring our route optimization features to end users who normally would not have fleets large enough to buy our solution. We empower a larger group of service professionals, ServiceBench can augment its offerings with new features, and ultimately ClickSoftware gets more usage data that we can translate into continuously improving our product," he said.