Paul Whitelam | 09.07.17
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Today ClickSoftware announced the extension of our decade-long partnership with SAP. Our flagship offering—Click Field Service Edge—is now available globally as SAP Scheduling and Resource Management. This cloud-based solution combines

ClickSoftware’s unparalleled capabilities and expertise in field service management with SAP’s undisputed stature in enterprise software.

The solution is now available through SAP’s Digital Supply Chain—addressing a market where, according to Gartner, SAP holds a 25.8% share. The move signifies a commitment from ClickSoftware and SAP leadership in the enterprise cloud market, and aligns with SAP’s stated plan to generate 70 to 75 percent of revenue from recurring cloud subscriptions and support by 2020.

Strengthening our relationship with SAP is a tremendous validation of ClickSoftware’s platform, as well as the growing market for cloud-based solutions for field service management. For service organizations, optimizing workforce performance is critical to business growth. This partnership will help SAP rapidly deliver the value of optimization to their customers.

As more businesses respond to rising customer expectations, they need to contain the costs associated with service delivery. Optimizing every aspect of service—scheduling, routes, individual resource performance—can yield massive savings while also increasing customer satisfaction. For instance, more accurate travel time predictions lead to tighter appointment windows and more jobs completed per day. Efficiency and profitability rise, and customers spend less time waiting for service.

Cloud computing brings particular value to field service management. Beyond seamless upgrades and the benefits of reduced infrastructure investment, elastic computing power enables swift simulation of multiple optimization strategies—allowing businesses to test the impact of different approaches, and calibrate for continuous improvement.

Industries such as utilities, oil and gas, and capital equipment represent a large portion of SAP’s install base, and historically have been slow to adopt cloud-based software due to their preference for established ERP providers. This partnership enables SAP to offer a scalable, enterprise-class solution and ERP pedigree with a leading cloud-first solution for field service management.

With SAP Scheduling and Resource Management by ClickSoftware, service organizations can rely on real-time, automated, context-based recommendations for service planning, scheduling, execution, and analysis to support intelligent decision making. Achieving full visibility into service operations and optimizing to business goals will help businesses maximize their resources and set new standards for customer experience.

The confluence of rapid growth in the global field service management market and SAP’s commitment to become a cloud-first ERP leader creates a perfect opportunity for ClickSoftware to bring our intelligent optimization capabilities to enterprise customers ready to bring their service operations into the future.

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