ClickSoftware | 03.12.19

According to Forrester research, 66 percent1 of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide a good customer experience. Waiting too long for service—either on the phone or at home—directly impacts customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Service leaders recognize the business challenges that are brought about by rising customer expectations, and as a result, they are searching for ways to differentiate service delivery to enhance customer experiences.

Earlier this month, Paul Whitelam, Click’s SVP of Global Marketing, was a guest on Don Witt’s podcast on Telecom Reseller, to discuss how communication service providers can cut through the inherent complexity of allocating work to hundreds or thousands of field engineers and optimize the efficiency of its mobile workforce. The problem, Paul says, is the pervasiveness of unpredictability in service delivery, and the chain reaction it creates when one thing goes wrong.

Throwing technology at the problem is a practical response, but according to Paul, applying innovation is only useful if it delivers real business value. Focusing on meaningful KPI’s is critical when measuring the effectiveness of your investment.

Listen to Paul and Don’s conversation here. For more field service management insights, head to the ClickSoftware blog.

1Source: Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics North American Retail And Travel Customer Life Cycle Survey, Q1 2017 (US).