Jill Wagner | 05.08.19

This blog article is part 2 of the series, How Field Service Organizations Can Benefit from Optimal Routing. Read part 1, Optimal Routing Paves the Way for Field Service Organizations.

Field service routing is complex and can be costly when point to point methodologies, which don’t consider traffic and other necessary variables, are used for scheduling. These approaches can lead to scheduling inaccuracy, increased fuel costs, missed service level agreements, and dissatisfied customers. Bottom line, these shortcomings can adversely impact return on investment.

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Optimal Routing Delivers Real Value

In turn, an optimal approach to routing can result in significant cost savings and boost ROI. ClickSoftware’s combination of turn-by-turn, predictive travel, and live-traffic updates is the optimal approach for achieving efficient routes in real time. Click uses predictive traffic for future planning and then adjusts to real time during the service engagement. Click’s unique approach to optimal routing delivers measurable benefits in these ways:

Minimized Travel = Maximized Efficiency

During the day of service, Click’s approach constantly optimizes schedules while considering all the location information of the mobile workforce and service requests. Routes are then constructed to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency to make sure that technicians are spending less time on the road and more time servicing customers. Check out how two customers have experienced major improvements in efficiency from Click’s approach to scheduling:

  • Unisys has seen 40% more jobs completed per day
  • Diebold-Nixdorf has seen a 33% increase in productivity

Cost Savings in Travel Time, Fuel, and More

Click’s approach also delivers cost savings in a reduction in mileage and associated fuel costs. For example, using Click:

In addition to these cost savings, customers have seen a reduction in staffing costs for overtime and the use of contractors.

SLA Compliance and Improved Customer Satisfaction

Service Level Agreements are a critical component of field service organizations and consistent adherence can help foster a successful relationship with customers. Optimal routing provides predictability of service, which enables field service organizations to make firm commitments to customers. Some results from our customers include:

  • ClickSoftware mobile workforce management enabled cablex to increase daily field-technician customer visits by 15%
  • Bosch saw 90% of customer appointments automatically scheduled at time of call and a 50% increase in call-center productivity

These are just a few of the customers that are seeing significant results from Click’s optimal approach to routing. For more customer success stories, check out Case Studies.

Adding Up the Benefits

An optimal approach to routing improves efficiency and productivity, SLA compliance, and customer satisfaction. Click’s unique combination of turn-by-turn, predictive traffic, and live traffic updates delivers significant, measurable benefits to field service organizations around the world. To get up to speed on optimal routing and how Click can help, read Actual Intelligence, Real Results: The Benefits of ClickSoftware’s Unique Approach to Routing.