Haley Bucelewicz | 08.02.16
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This summer, ClickSoftware announced two important appointments in technology leadership. Amit Monovich was welcomed as the new Vice President of Research and Development (R&D) and was promoted Danny Korach to a new position at ClickSoftware—Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Amit Monovich, vice president of research and development at ClickSoftwaerFirst, let’s welcome Amit Monovich, the new Vice President of Research and Development. He brings experience in leading global R&D organizations, with delivery models including cloud and on-prem products. Most recently his role was General Manager and Vice President of R&D, Cloud Security Platform at CYREN. Before that, he served as Director of R&D at RSA (EMC) and Amdocs. Now he’s managing the entire R&D group at ClickSoftware. Amit earned his BsC in Computer Science and Logistics from Bar-Ilan University.

Danny Korach, chief technology officer at ClickSoftwareDanny Korach, who has been with ClickSoftware for over nine years as the Vice President of R&D, has been appointed Chief Technology Officer—a brand new role for ClickSoftware. In addition to working as manager of R&D for several years, Danny has been leading the development of the Click Field Service Edge cloud solution. During his time at ClickSoftware, Danny has been applauded for bringing our products to their recognized status today.

Danny's new role focuses on communicating the technical achievements of ClickSoftware, supporting marketing and sales operations, and bringing innovation and new technologies to the company. He is also responsible for ClickSoftware’s information security strategy, maintenance and control of intellectual property and patents, and influencing build, partner, and buy decisions. Danny holds a BsC in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

Tom Heiser, CEO of ClickSoftware, said, “We are proud to announce the appointment of Amit and Danny as the technology leaders of the Company. Amit and Danny have amazing experience and their management skill will help us implement our cloud strategy."

These new appointments were covered in local media:

Let’s all wish Amit and Danny the best of luck with their new roles!