Katelyn Burrill | 04.11.18
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Millennials often get a bad reputation for having high expectations of their employers, but they’re actually dedicated digital natives and born collaborators who currently make up the largest share of the workforce. Companies that have seen great success with the millennial workforce are also some of the world’s most innovative—Apple and Google, for example.

These companies have figured out what millennials want: career growth, meaning, purpose and greater work-life balance. When companies ignore values millennials care about, they risk high turnover. It’s something that the field service industry and its aging workforce simply can’t afford.

But this post isn’t about what you can do for the millennial workforce. It’s about what they can do for you.

Millennials are bound to transform the industry. They can and should influence the way we work because they’re here with the skills, attitude, and tech savvy to deliver 21st-era services in an era of lean business resources.

In this post, we explore three ways you can leverage your budding millennial talent to find solutions to some of your biggest field service challenges.

1.   Become an Early Adopter of New Technology

Tethered to their devices, millennials set the standard for the tech they expect at work, driving organizations to become early adopters of new technology. That’s good news for field service organizations seeking the increased visibility and real-time communication that come from adopting mobile tech and predictive field service management software.

Bringing new technology into your organization can increase productivity and efficiency, allowing you to make better, faster decisions—but only if you have employee buy-in. Getting your field workers on board with new tools and processes is critical if you want to eliminate data reentry, receive real-time status updates, and ensure employees have the equipment they need to get the job done right the first time.

The flood of new technologies is enough to overwhelm anyone, let alone your more digitally challenged employees. Millennials may just be your secret weapon in convincing more skeptical employees to modernize their approach. These days, companies are fast realizing the mutually beneficial relationship in a concept referred to as “reverse mentorship,” where older workers are paired with younger workers so they can exchange business acumen and tacit knowledge for tech proficiency.

2.   Engage Your Customers

While millennials excel at seeking out new technologies and adopting the ones they love, they actually prefer face-to-face communication. That’s right. Not Snapchat or Twitter, just two people who can discuss, decide, and get on with things—because nothing is more instantaneous than that.

Face-to-face communication is crucial in service—especially when your field service technician may just be the only personal contact your customers have with your organization. You should do everything in your power to turn them into your customer ambassadors.

The right workforce mobility solution can provide technicians with the availability of parts, documentation, and customer history. You can leverage your millennials’ desire for genuine connection to build stronger relationships and provide more efficient field service, but only if you can place the right information in their hands at the right time.

3.   Expect Excellence

Don’t let their bad rap fool you.

Millennials set high expectations for themselves, more so than any previous generation as it turns out. Perhaps due to this, millennials are also some of the most hard-working—not to mention efficient—employees you’ll find on the market today.

Direct, bold and even downright fearless, the startup generation have come of age in an era where companies run leaner and expect results faster. Coupled with their desire for meaningful work and growth opportunities, you can leverage these qualities to make excellence an expectation.

Do this by matching your millennial employees’ eagerness to excel with a little guidance while still giving them enough freedom to work through challenges without rules or conventions. Millennials are driven by the need to forge new ideas. So stand back and use it to your competitive advantage.

Labels Limit Innovation

It’s time to get rid of your preconceived notions about millennials in the workplace. After all, they’re here and they aren’t going anywhere for the next thirty or forty years. Labels limit innovation. Create open dialogues with your youngest employees and find ways to do what it is they do naturally. Success will follow.

Learn more about predictive field service and put the field service technology of the future into the hands of your millennial workforce today.