Haley Bucelewicz | 05.17.17
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Ledcor designs, builds, operates, and maintains projects all over North America. Their Technical Services division preforms telecommunications infrastructure builds, and on-premises residential and business installations. Application Manager Rob Semerdijan said Ledcor's old system was entirely office administrated. It was also based on email communication to and from techs. This slower communication process meant management had almost no visibility into the workload.

Semerdijan explains that ClickSoftware empowered greater visibility into the workflow with mobile solutions. Today there's more efficient reporting from the field because techs can check-in remotely. And they can send data to Ledcor's internal warehouse on the spot via mobile devices.

Semerdijan said the three biggest benefits of working with ClickSoftware are:

  • Visibility into the workload and ensuring that all outstanding work gets addressed
  • Better reporting from data points allow them to see how they're performing and if they're meeting their service level agreements (SLAs)
  • ClickSoftware shares Ledcor's value for customer engagement and strengthening relationships with customers

Learn more by watching the full case study video below.