Barrett Coakley | 08.27.18
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Editor’s note: This blog is a part of a series called “How Home Healthcare Providers Can Benefit from Field Service Management Software.” Read the previous blog here.

When considering the deployment of a new FSM solution, many companies now consider the cloud as their preferred platform. While a traditional on-premise deployment is still an option, cloud-based solutions open new doors for home healthcare providers of all sizes by allowing for the quick, flexible adoption of new technologies that previously proved to be too expensive, risky, and difficult to deploy and maintain.

Cloud solutions provide several advantages over on-premise implementations:

  • No long-term contracts and no upfront investments in hardware, which also means a limited impact on the internal IT team
  • With services already running in the cloud, the on-boarding process occurs rapidly, another factor limiting the impact on IT while also reducing the adoption risk
  • The cloud offers greater flexibility to respond faster to unplanned events, changes in the market, and spikes in demand
  • Cloud solutions begin delivering benefits immediately, enabling a faster ROI, which is a key in the home healthcare market due to limited resources and lower margins
  • A higher level of uptime and redundancy, which can improve service response as well as help you meet tight SLAs
  • Higher levels of security through monitoring services, automatic patches, data encryption, and tested business continuity plans help protect confidential patient data
  • Automatic upgrades and patches so you are always running the most up-to-date and secure version of the software
  • Infinite scalability means field service companies can expand and contract their offering as customers grow
  • With a reduced infrastructure investment, organizations can offer lower price models to keep their customers happy
  • Predictable cost structure, which can enable home healthcare providers to bid on contracts with more accurate information on the cost of service

In the world of FSM solutions, cloud solutions typically allow companies to achieve productivity gains of up to 20 percent and payback on their investment within 12 months—sometimes even sooner.

The benefits for operations can be significant as well:

  • Harvard Business Review found that 71% of professionals surveyed say the cloud has increased their business agility. They noted faster decision-making and quicker response to global clients.
  • 61% say the cloud will increase employee productivity
  • 53% say it will increase responsiveness to customers
  • 55% report an increase in overall productivity
  • 88% report a decrease in costs
  • 56% saw a boost in profits

In an industry like home healthcare where revenues and margins are tight, it is important that you not only have the technology to help you succeed, but also implement it in a way that leads to a fast ROI. This is why cloud FSM deployments make sense for home healthcare providers.

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