ClickSoftware | 06.06.18
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Home healthcare organizations face a unique challenge of balancing several conflicting interests. Somewhere between meeting strict regulatory compliances and delivering exceptional patient care, these organizations must also control costs and grow revenue.

And in an extremely dynamic market with changing regulations and emerging patient expectations, it’s key that these organizations remain proactive with service. Especially when the slightest inefficiency could impact everything from a patient’s health to the organization’s bottom line. For instance, mishandling an appointment not only has a detrimental impact on patient’s health, but could also expose the organization to fines or penalties.

Many leading healthcare providers are turning to field service management (FSM) software solutions to improve operational efficiencies while maintaining costs. Optimized service scheduling, workforce mobility, and predictive technology empower these organizations with the agility to handle changing conditions.

In a recent webinar, ClickSoftware’s Steve Smith, Vice President of Strategic Industries, and Barrett Coakley, Product Marketing Manager discussed how FSM solutions can help overcome some of the challenges faced by home healthcare providers.

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