ClickSoftware | 05.29.17
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Fisher & Paykel designs, manufactures, and markets a range of household appliances developed with a commitment to technology, design, user friendliness, and environmental awareness. Visibility into the service process is important to their customers, so Fisher & Paykel strives to deliver complete transparency. No one wants to wait at home all day for a tech to arrive—people are busy and time is valuable.

Fisher & Paykel is B2B2C, which brings customer experience challenges. In most cases they don't know the customer until the service visit, because the product is purchased through a retailer. This means they’re constantly placed in reactive situations, and the pressure is on to solve customer problems the first time. It's the only chance they get to build confidence in their brand.

Rudi Khoury, General Manager, Customer Experience, said his team sought a customer experience solution that provides visibility into the service process and automates communication to their customers. They agreed that ClickSoftware’s Customer Engagement Module was the perfect choice. Here’s what else his team liked about working with ClickSoftware:

  • A “night before” reminder text is automatically sent to customer, who can confirm or make scheduling changes through their phone.
  • “Track my tech” functionality maps technician progress as soon as he or she is en-route, boosting customer confidence.
  • A post service survey is sent when a job closes. Low ratings automatically create a case in Salesforce for a follow up.

Learn more about how Fisher & Paykel improved customer satisfaction by viewing the case study here.