ClickSoftware | 12.13.17
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Recently, ClickSoftware and Field Service News partnered on a Think Tank Session in London. Senior field service professionals from varying sectors and company sizes met to discuss the key pain points and fundamental challenges they face every day. Discussions ranged from digital disruption and development, to diversity in the workplace.

Throughout the session, the group of industry leaders – including ClickSoftware’s very own Keith Wilkinson, Vice President of Sales EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) – shared insight into the changing world of field service, highlighting the influence of advancing technology on today’s best practices. They presented the key issues and trends within field service management that translate across different industries, including:

  • The role of the field service engineer in the era of digital disruption
  • Automation and technology advancements influence on field service management
  • Field service engineers as new brand ambassadors
  • The millennial workforce 

A major idea at the session was that, regardless of industry, today’s era of digital disruption has transformed the role of the field service engineer and increased customer expectations. Service organizations must learn how to adapt and stay up to pace with consumers’ needs in this changing time.

Wilkson had some interesting thoughts to share about whether field service organizations are doing enough to communicate the benefits of automation and technology advancements in field service management:

“There is this huge amount of investment in technology whether it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, or anything else that is helping field service engineers get things right first time...We’re moving to this predictive stage where we are fixing things before they fail and I just wonder how much customers actually even put a value to that?...How do we let customers know these thing are really in our capability and make sure that they see the full value of them?”

To learn more about the affect of digital disruption in field service, plus thoughts from other field service leaders, download the exclusive briefing report from the event.