ClickSoftware | 05.26.16
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Throughout my 20 year career in Field Service Management (FSM), I have come to a realization: for every organization responsible for delivering service to customers, FSM is challenging. Beginning with the initial contact from the customer, to the events triggered by the call, many events must occur in order to get from start to finish on any given job. As the VP of product marketing, I know first hand that customer expectations are high and the old status quo is no longer acceptable. This may be viewed as challenging by organizations who do not have a solid FSM strategy, but it can be addressed first by simply acknowledging that excellence in FSM is a marathon, not a sprint.

To address this, we at ClickSoftware are putting finishing touches on a book titled Service is Hard (available for pre-order today and shipping in June). Combining our 20+ years of industry insights and experience, the book--co-authored by two other ClickSoftware veterans Steve Smith and Alec Berry--examines eight of the toughest issues in achieving consistently exceptional service. From a business standpoint, we share everything from best practices for customer experience, to managing spare part consumption in the field.

Since we weren’t able to fit all of the challenges into one book without producing a dictionary-sized document, we will be addressing the topics that did not make the book in our “Service is Hard” blog series. I encourage you to follow along as we highlight the shifting paradigm of field service management and see the array of problems and solutions when we asked our customers to finish the following sentence: “Service is hard because…”

Topics we will address in this series include:

  • Continuous improvement: service transformation as a journey
  • Why change management is critical within FSM
  • Connectivity without a connection
  • Importance of mobility in FSM

Our intention is to help inform and educate organizations on how they can go from a ‘service is hard’ mindset to empowering them with the ability to effortlessly deliver exceptional customer experiences, all while mastering the many moments that go into excellent FSM. Stay tuned as we deliver solutions to some of the challenges you may be experiencing.

As you follow along, it is not too late to pre-order your book! Request your copy now.