ClickSoftware | 03.14.16
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Every day you face innumerous challenges related to your field organization that often go unaddressed. As a seasoned Field Service professional, you have the knowledge and experience to help us identify and address the biggest challenges in Field Services, whether a business, functional or technical challenge.

Over the last 20 years working with thousands of different service businesses, we have seen firsthand just how hard service delivery can be. We are taking that experience, combined with your input, and are writing a book framing the most critical challenges in our market. We will present recommendations from experts, thought leaders and analysts on how to address these challenges, and share best practices that illustrate the first steps toward solving them. Our goal is to help service companies everywhere become more productive by delivering high-quality service.

We have identified the first challenges, but we want your input on other critical challenges we need to address.

If you submit your challenges to us by March 15th, we will:

  • Pre-order a book and send it to you free of charge;
  • Send you an Amazon Gift Card worth U$ 20.

If your challenge is selected to appear in the book, we will:

  • Acknowledge your contribution by mentioning you by name as a contributor;
  • Send you a signed copy of the book, thanking your for your support;
  • And as appreciation for all the effort you put into thinking and framing a unique and critical challenge in Field Services, you will get a U$ 50 Gift Card from Amazon.

To submit your challenge, click here.  All challenges will be reviewed and considered.

No challenge is too small, simple or complex.

Below are some of the challenges we have already identified:

  • Business Challenge:  Service is hard….because we can’t meet our customers’ expectations while keeping operational costs down.
  • Functional Challenge: Service is hard….because we lack accurate planning and reliable appointment booking.
  • Technical Challenge: Service is hard…because it is difficult and complex to integrate the most advanced field service solutions with our legacy systems.