ClickSoftware | 01.24.18
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We’re pleased to announce the release of some exciting new capabilities for Field Service Edge, our cloud-based mobile workforce management platform. Powered by our Machine Learning Cloud, the latest release offers first-of-its-kind predictive field service and enhanced analytics to drive deeper insights for field service leaders.

By combining historical and external data, Field Service Edge now provides increasingly accurate predictions of key service metrics that have a significant impact on business decisions. Enhanced analytics will mean greater operational visibility and will prepare our customers for rapid response.

The new capabilities improve workforce efficiency, which is essential for our customers’ growth. The release also adds greater scheduling accuracy, improves resource utilization, and increases customer satisfaction.

The new Field Service Edge features include:

  • Predictive field service – identifies data patterns to make predictions and automatically improve valuable KPIs
  • Demand forecasting – the new capabilities support more accurate resource planning and schedule optimization; provide richer insights to support proper staffing
  • Improved enterprise integration features – Single sign-on (SSO), more rapid and secure integration with third party systems

To learn more about the latest Field Service Edge release, read the press release.

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