Karo Kilfeather | 07.15.16
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The best part of the ClickSoftware community is our customers. We provide the best tools we can for field service and customer-centric organizations, but our customers are the ones achieving great things with our field service technology.

This post is the first in an ongoing series to highlight our customers' achievements and celebrate their successes. If you have a success story you would like to share, let us know, and you or your company could be featured here.

Automation Drove a 20 Percent Productivity Increase for SGS Automotive

The June/July 2016 issue of Field Technologies Magazine features a smiling Tony Perkins on the cover. The vice president of automotive services at SGS has a lot to be happy about.

Through a hands-on approach to deployment and rethinking operational processes, SGS Automotive was able to significantly reduce costs and grow revenue—a dream outcome for any business. But these outcomes were not immediate.

The Cincinnati-based group tried to implement a change in scheduling and dispatch, hoping that a robust feature set would resolve challenges by itself.  An initial drop in productivity forced Perkins' team and ClickSoftware back to the drawing table to re-examine what improvement and success should look like. It turned out the secret ingredient was aligning the implementation to business goals—and asking difficult questions.

"We challenged ourselves. What was more important, meeting SLAs, reducing mileage, or maximizing revenue per headcount?" - Tony Perkins, SGS Automotive Group

By emphasizing revenue per headcount, the SGS team was able to inherently reduce mileage and improve SLA compliance. This also enabled Perkins to measure profitability as well as productivity.

Developing new operational procedures and a fresh mindset about field service delivery was critical in supporting adoption and compliance.

From Service to Partnership

Perkins credits the ClickSoftware professional services team with playing a true partnership role in developing and deploying solutions that fit SGS's specific needs. "They are really tied into the most significant process improvement initiatives, and they are really part of the SGS Transportation business," he said about the team.

Measurable Success

Delivering over 450,000 inspections across all 50 states means that even small improvements in efficiency, productivity, and cost savings can have a big impact.

Under Perkins' leadership, SGS Automotive was able to leverage ClickSoftware products and new processes to deliver a 20% increase in productivity, a 30% decrease in non-reimbursable mileage, and a 9% increase in revenue per headcount. "We're able to manage and forecast our top-line growth in a way that not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations and improves profitability," Perkins told Field Technologies.

To learn more about this transformative project, you can read the full story online (login required) or in the latest issue of the magazine.