Haley Bucelewicz | 06.19.19

This blog article is part 2 of the series, How Field Service Organizations Embrace Business Agility to Keep Pace with Rapid Change.

 Field service organizations deal with mission-critical situations and demanding customer expectations every day. Whether it’s processing claims after an accident or keeping up with challenging SLAs impacting the bottom line, the pressure is on for these businesses to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. To thrive in this environment, service organizations need agility and speed to satisfy customers, outpace competitors, and grow the business.

Business Agility at Work, as Told by Click Customers

 The right field service management (FSM) solution can help businesses become more agile, even during the most pressing situations. See how three of our customers are increasing agility and exceeding customer expectations with ClickSoftware’s optimized FSM solution.

Suramericana Responds Efficiently to Customers in Dire Situations

Suramericana, one of the largest insurance companies in South America, knows that when a customer is in an accident they need to respond fast. They strive for high-quality, quick, and efficient service to ensure positive experiences for customers, particularly after the stress of an accident. Learn how Click’s optimized scheduling solution helps Suramericana respond to customers quickly, while also increasing visibility and real-time communication with both customers and the field.


“We want our customers to be happy all the time. They are not happy when they have an accident. We were always in a rush doing it manually. We need quality in our operation, we need the speed, we need the efficiency, and we think we are achieving it by the automatic scheduling with ClickSoftware.”

Mario Aristizabal, IT Analyst, Suramericana

Endeavour Energy Manages a Complex Workforce with ClickSoftware

Endeavour Energy is the operator of the electrical distribution network for Greater Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands, and the Illawara region of New South Wales, Australia. They have complex requirements, along with hundreds of different job types and a workforce with varying skills. With a manual solution, scheduling this was nearly impossible. Learn how Click’s cloud-based field service management solution helped Endeavour Energy optimize scheduling and increase productivity by over 40%.

“We've got hundreds of different types of jobs that can range anywhere from 
an hour to many weeks, and trying to schedule that across all the different work groups is incredibly complicated. Moving to an enterprise scheduling system has greatly improved the efficiency of planning, scheduling, and execution.”

– Stephen Lette, Operational Performance Manager, Endeavour Energy

Diebold Nixdorf Meets Demanding SLAs and Delights Customers

Diebold Nixdorf is the largest global manufacturer and servicer of financial self-service equipment such as ATMs. Their customers rely on their equipment to work because their business and customer satisfaction depends on it. When something breaks down, Diebold Nixdorf’s clients expect a speedy resolve time and as little downtime as possible. Learn how automation, optimized scheduling, and better capacity planning help Diebold Nixdorf meet aggressive SLAs and demanding customer expectations.

“Our demands are pretty aggressive as far as SLAs. Our customers are usually looking for a 5-6 hour resolve time from when a machine was reported down. When we’re trying to manage that across 10 million service tickets a year, automation is key—it’s what drives us. When a machine reports itself down, within 2-3 minutes we can tell them when a tech’s going to arrive on site. That is a huge benefit to our customers.”

Richard Johnstun, Global Service Technology Director, Diebold Nixdorf

Business Agility: Meeting Customer Expectations and Needs

As customer expectations inevitably increase, the most successful service organizations will be the ones who remain agile even under the most complex circumstances. Optimized field service management solutions help organizations increase productivity and efficiency while delighting customers. Check out our case study library to learn how other leading service organizations are achieving business agility with Click.