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We’re living in a time when customer experience is the main competitive differentiator for businesses across industries. With the existence of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the possibilities for customer service are endless. Experts at ClickSoftware contributed articles and expert commentary about field service management, including how to leverage existing technology to delight customers. This includes insight from:

Check out the articles published in the second quarter (Q2) of the year:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is A CMO’s Best Friend (Media Post’s Marketing Daily)

Artificial intelligence allows businesses to analyze vast amounts of data and gain insight on how to improve customer experiences. Traditionally the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) hasn’t been a technology oriented role. But Claudine Bianchi explains that marketers across organizations are now embracing AI-driven analytics to improve brand reputation and customer experience.

Hidden Figures and Automation Anxiety (CustomerThink)

With all the news about automation taking human jobs, it’s no surprise that many are hesitant to embrace artificial intelligence. However, most of automation comes down to human and machine combinations, and ultimately exists to make human lives easier. With machines to do the tedious routine work, humans are free to do more complex tasks, such as connecting with the customer. Paul Whitelam explains why we should embrace automation in the workplace, rather than fear it.

Customer Experience

The Impact of Changing Consumer Expectations on Manufacturers (Manufacturing Business Technology)

As customer expectations continue to rise, service organizations must adapt to keep pace. Capital equipment manufacturing is one industry that’s been heavily impacted by this shift in expectations, because customers now expect more value from their products. Steve Smith discusses the impact of changing consumer expectations, and what the future looks like for manufacturers.

The intersection of technology and Customer Experience in the Field: Getting It Right (Marketing Tech Outlook)

In field service, customer satisfaction outweighs everything. With technicians as typically the only human to human interaction between the customer and business, it’s important that they make every moment count. With the technology that exists today, there’s no excuse for anything less than a seamless customer experience. Yet most of the time it’s still subpar. Claudine Bianchi stresses the importance of leveraging technology to improve the service experience.

Building a Big Data Bridge to Customer Satisfaction (Media Post’s Marketing Daily)

We’re all in the service business, no matter the industry. Every business transaction with a customer begins a potentially life long relationship, so it’s important that you make every one count. Rich customer data can tell a story about your customers, and help you personalize their experiences. Claudine Bianchi explains how big data is improving customer experience for companies across a variety of industries.

Internet of Things

Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Smart Home Technology? (Huffington Post)

Each day we get closer to living in a world like Orbit City from the Jetsons. With smart technology like IoT and AI, soon we could all being living in smart homes like the Jetsons. In this roundup of expert commentary, Paul Whitelam explains how smart home technology opens up opportunities for field service.

How the IoT is the Answer to all your Service Prayers (Advanced Manufacturing)

With companies like Amazon, Lyft, and Netflix in the mix, customer expectations have reached new heights. This transition can be felt across service organizations, especially in traditionally product-centric services like capital equipment manufacturing. It’s important that these companies not only build great products, but ensure their uptime for their customers. Steve Smith explains how IoT can help these organizations adapt to customers’ high expectations for service.

IoT and Its Impact on Field Service (IoT Evolution)

Gartner estimates that 20.8 billion connected “things” will be in use worldwide by 2020, providing a wealth of opportunities for several industries, including field service. IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication are already helping organizations save billions in costs and make better and faster business decisions. Steve Smith discusses the present and future impact of IoT in field service.

How IoT and Self–Driving Cars Will Shape Customer Experience  (IoT Innovator)

When you picture the future what do you see? Jetpacks? Flying cars? Marty McFly on a hoverboard? While these might seem to still be in the realm of science fiction, there’s still some exciting tech on the way to market – self-driving cars.  Autonomous vehicles have the potential to disrupt multiple industries and change the way they do business. Paul Whitelam explains how self-driving cars will impact customer experience.

This concludes our roundup for Q2. Make sure to check back for more articles from our experts. In the meantime, you can check out our roundup from Q1 or read more about field service trends on the ClickSoftware blog.