ClickSoftware | 06.17.19

We recently held “Click on the Road” events that brought together our customers, internal experts, industry thought leaders, and our leading partners to share best practices and ensure we continue to address the biggest challenges in field service today and in the future. At the event in the UK, Bosch Thermotechnology Belgium, a Click client since 2013, shared its Click Field Service Edge migration story and offered recommendations for getting up and running quickly.   

About Bosch Thermotechnology

Bosch Thermotechnology is a leading international manufacturer of heating products and water heaters for residential and commercial customers. Bosch’s Belgian sales office employs 90 technicians who focus on providing exceptional commissioning, preventive maintenance, and repair experiences. Bosch field technicians apply their technical skills, play an important role as brand ambassadors, and drive new product referrals and maintenance sales contracts.

Moving to Click Field Service Edge

Bosch had been using a legacy version of ClickSoftware technology. Though Bosch was happy with the software’s operational performance, upgrading to Click Field Service Edge (CFSE) offered an opportunity to address challenges that had developed over time and improve customer service through better business agility. Specific challenges included: an increase in appointment requests, seasonal capacity planning, remote area planning, travel by bicycle vs. car in some areas, product offerings in the thousands, 100+ required skills, and language barriers.

With CFSE, Bosch saw immediate business benefits through graded appointment booking, predictive travel, territory planning, overtime management, skill efficiency, and more. The technical migration to CFSE was also easy, quick, and on budget – with full deployment taking place in just one weekend.

Key Takeaways from Lessons Learned

Here are three tips from Bosch on how to seamlessly deploy CFSE and start seeing business value quickly:

  1. Integrate change management into your approach from the beginning: CFSE’s ease of use enabled schedulers and technicians to get up to speed quickly within a short time of the migration. To start experiencing business benefits faster, Bosch recommends investing in training for users before the solution implementation so they’re ready to maximize the solution from day one.

  2. Take advantage of Click’s dedicated project team. Bosch attributes the smooth upgrade to Click assigning a project team dedicated to understanding Bosch’s business and goals. Click developed a structured process and provided Bosch with a clear path of what to expect through written communication and a cadence of regular touchpoints. Click also managed the relationship between Bosch’s CRM experts and a third-party CRM system, which helped to further facilitate the migration.

  3. Understand that data is king. The upgrade to CFSE prompted Bosch to reconsider its processes and clean up the data in its system. Key data pertaining to technicians – home addresses, skillsets, working hours, and more – was all updated in CFSE. Getting the right data and as much of it as you can increases your opportunity to extract value quickly – and Bosch saw an improvement in the average number of appointments per technician within a few weeks of the upgrade.

Bosch is just one of several Click customers that shared its knowledge and expertise at Click on the Road. Subscribe to Click’s blog for more key takeaways from Click on the Road, as well as the latest in field service news, trends, and innovations.