ClickSoftware | 01.13.16
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As words like ‘cloud’ and ‘mobility’ are tossed around the technology industry, it becomes harder for businesses to properly realise what they can get from these offerings. These technological advancements are expected to bring new and exciting opportunities to field service management, but even though the service industry is set to be worth $3.52 billion by 2019, according to research from Frost and Sullivan, whether they actually will remains a big question on everyone’s lips. 

It’s a Date

On 25th February ClickSoftware will be asking whether expected growth in field service management will be facilitated by the cloud and advancements in mobility. As the leading provider of field service and workforce management software, we know that properly understanding how technological advancements can help people to plan and communicate effectively is vital for the industry. As we see more services move to the cloud and rely on mobile devices, field service companies need to consider how these technologies really can benefit them and where they can take the industry further.

Breakfast Panel Debate

At a breakfast panel debate, taking part in the heart of Soho in London, we’ll be meeting to discuss just what cloud and mobility can do for the field service industry and what all the fuss is about. Does the industry even have the skillset to put the technology to good use? We’ll hear from Tim Faulkner, Senior Vice President EMEA, and Katelyn Burrill, Vice President of Product Marketing at ClickSoftware, who’ll be able to give us insight into the ways in which these technologies are influencing the market and ClickSoftware’s approach, including whether it has changed what services need from their workforce.

Who’s Deliberating

Dr Paul Miller, a cloud computing, big data and open data analyst at Forrester Research, will be giving his thoughts on the future trends for the cloud in the industry and we’ll also have Dr Carsten Sorensen, expert in organisation management with mobile computing and innovation in mobile technologies and Professor John Darlington, cloud technology expert and Director of the London e-Science Centre, on the panel. Specialising in IT evolution, management trends and cloud computing, they’ll be able to tell us just how useful the cloud and mobility can be for field service management, or whether it’s all a fuss over nothing.

How to Get Involved

It’s set to be a really interesting morning, the panel will look at what companies may be better placed than others to adopt these technologies, and what the drivers are for businesses looking to adopt a cloud solution. There’ll also be an opportunity to have your say, with the debate opening up to the audience, so you can get involved too.