ClickSoftware | 11.29.17
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cablex constructs and maintains high-performance information and communication technology networks across Switzerland. From 19 locations, the staff of 1200 employees completes about 120,000 construction and maintenance jobs annually. It’s earned a reputation of one of the most technologically innovative companies in Switzerland.

As cablex expanded its operations, the management team found it more and more challenging to schedule their field workforce and efficiently manage technician activities. This was especially true because most of their processes were handled manually. On top of that, each of their locations had its own unique scheduling and work order reporting process, which led to inconsistencies and incorrect data. And without a centralized view of scheduling metrics, senior management had no visibility into operations.

According to CIO Sascha Spasovski, cablex needed a single schedule management process for the entire company that could automate scheduling. Likewise, they wanted to make all data transparent so personnel across the company could access they information needed to properly serve customers. Ultimately they decided that ClickSoftware was the solution they needed.

Spasovski believes that since implementing ClickSoftware’s scheduling solution, business and operations have been more efficient. Some of the benefits cablex has seen include:

  • 15% increase in number of daily service assignments completed by field technicians
  • 25% reduction in time required from order processing to order fulfillment
  • Real-time access to the exact status of customer orders

Learn more about how cablex increased business efficiency by reading the full case study here.

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