Haley Bucelewicz | 04.17.17
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Black Hills Energy provides gas and electricity for residential customers across eight different states. Utilities Systems Manager Dave Mutchler recognized the need to prepare for the future of utilities. His team was dealing with an aging workforce, and an increase in smart and mobile devices at the same time.

It’s important that utilities companies solve customer issues on the first visit. Otherwise, the customer must go without heat or electricity, which is not an option in today’s world. To keep their teams on time and on target, utilities need mobility.

Mutchler explains that his customers also demanded more communication. They no longer accepted long appointment windows. Instead, they wanted know when techs would be on site, and they wanted this information timely and accurate.

Mutchler discusses some of the benefits of working with ClickSoftware:

  • His team can communicate more effectively with customers
  • Techs can use mobile devices onsite for troubleshooting and capturing data in real time
  • There’s a more effective flow of information between technicians onsite and those back at headquarters

Check out the video below to learn more about why Mutchler believes ClickSoftware's field service management solution helped Black Hills Energy prepare for the future.