ClickSoftware | 11.15.17
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Altech Netstar is a pioneer in the stolen vehicle tracking and recovery (SVR) industry in South Africa. With over 600,000 vehicles under its protection, Altech Netstar provides the most comprehensive private recovery service and infrastructure in southern Africa. To date they’ve recovered an excess of 60,000 stolen and hijacked vehicles.

Altech Netstar mobilizes a workforce of more than 250 technicians and responds to several customer calls. They hold themselves to high standards to ensure the safety of their customers. Prior to implementing ClickSoftware, Altech Netstar’s main goals were to improve customer service and productivity. To get there, they had to overcome a few obstacles:

  • Entering information on paper-based forms was extremely time consuming
  • Users of the existing system lost trust in the applications, which led to frustrations in the field and call center
  • Stolen vehicle tracking and delivery is a highly competitive market in South Africa, which meant they needed a workforce management with several specific capabilities

Powertech System Integrators (PSTI) positioned ClickSoftware to deliver a solution that would deliver a number of key criteria. ClickSoftware’s centralized and automated mobile scheduling solution ensures that technicians with the right skills and parts are scheduled on time to the right location. Here are some of the biggest benefits Altech Netstar has seen:

  • Electronic forms and job cards led to increased efficiency of techs and dispatch
  • Visibility across entire operations allows them to easily identify and act upon issues
  • Dispatchers and managers can make better decisions based on real-time information and reports

Learn more about how Altech Netstar improved workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction by reading the full case study.

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