Karo Kilfeather | 07.11.18
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Customers no longer see their relationship with your company as a single product or visit. They view it as an ongoing relationship. One where they hold the power. To stay in their good graces, you’ve got to deliver speed and convenience across devices and channels without sacrificing quality.

If you want to strengthen your relationships with your customers and keep them coming back, you need to include include them at every stage of the field service customer journey.

Here are five ways to keep your customers involved in the service process from the very beginning.

1.   Offer a Consistent Experience

In order to garner trust and build credibility, you have to be consistent. Research shows customers crave consistently good experiences. In fact, according to a recent Capgemini study, eight in ten consumers indicated they are willing to pay more for those that can guarantee them.

But how do you implement a seamless, consistent customer experience across multiple channels from online inquiries to in-person appointments?

To create consistency and prove your commitment to customer satisfaction, start by defining a customer experience mission statement that aligns business goals with customer satisfaction. As you juggle more channels, your mission statement will reinforce your brand identity. That way, even if your wording changes to fit your medium, the underlying message remains constant.

2.   Make Booking Painless

Don’t make customers wait on the phone for 10 minutes to schedule a 30-minute appointment with a service technician. In a customer-centric world, customers are less likely to stay on hold and more likely to transfer to a company better equipped to handle them. Whether booking or rescheduling, provide customers with options and meet them on their preferred channel whether mobile or web.

On your side of things, shorten appointment windows and times by implementing service scheduling software for automatic, optimized scheduling and appointment booking based on tech location, availability, and skill set.

3.   Stay on Their Radar

With so many things competing for attention in today’s hectic, always-on society, it’s easy for a customer to forget a service appointment now and then. One easy way to reduce your no-show rate is to send customers confirmation of service on their preferred communication channel. And because nobody likes waiting around on a service technician, providing an ETA alongside real-time location-tracking on the day of an appointment goes a long way toward pleasing the customer.

4.   Connect With Techs

Keep your customer engaged throughout the entire duration of the service call, starting by providing them with the information they’ll need to communicate effectively with your field service technician — a name and a photo go a long way toward putting a customer at ease when meeting their service technician for the first time. As the visit progresses, provide customers with updated job status and even an open line of communication with your team.

 5.   Survey Your Customers

After field service visits, send out automated surveys to encourage feedback from your customers — good or bad. You can learn a lot from your customers, even when things go horribly wrong. However, ensure you have a process in place for responding to all types of feedback so that unhappy customers feel heard.

Venturing Toward the Future of Customer Experience

Use every single interaction with your customers as a chance to differentiate your company from your competitors. Great customer experiences start — and end — with convenience and communication, but far too many companies still rely on outdated service strategies.

Does yours?

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