ClickSoftware | 10.18.16
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Can you go swimming within 30 minutes of eating? Yes. If you keep your eyes crossed for long enough will they stay that way? No. Wait a minute, what about Santa Claus? Now that one is a real bummer.

As children, we live in a mythical world. When swallowed, watermelon seeds sprout into full watermelons in our bellies. If touched, toads will give us warts.

But fairy tale life can only last so long. At some point, the myths get busted. As adults, we don’t fall for that funny business, right? Wrong.

Studies show that even when told the truth about misconceptions, our brains resort back to misinformation.

But what does this mean for field service?

It means we need to get real about the many misconceptions that exist in our industry. There are dozens of misconceptions, specifically about software. This confuses people about some of the most important investments made in this industry.

To help you assess your software needs with a clear head, we busted the top field service software myths for you.

Myth #1: Implementing Software Will Take Months

This is a common misconception. Professionals unfamiliar with their software options assume it takes months to scale a software. But these folks are thinking about what was on the market ten or fifteen years ago.

Actually, deciding which software to buy and running it take about the same amount of time. A recent Capterra study found that 65% of respondents took two to six weeks to decide. And 74% took two to six weeks to scale their software. It can happen in a matter of weeks. Myth busted!

Myth #2: The Cloud is Not Secure

After reading a few headlines, many folks may believe that hacking the cloud is easier than hacking a single location (an “on-premise” server). This is not the case. In most field service cloud hacking cases, the problems fell on erroneous users. It was rarely a fault in the cloud service.

It’s true that IT should take security steps, like encryption, when storing data in the cloud. But to say it’s less safe, is false. According to a NetworkWorld article, cloud options can “reduce the surface area of penetration attacks, because the entry points into the cloud are very well defined and can be locked down with multi-factor authentication, web-based tokens, time-restricted access and other mature tools.”

Myth #3: Field Service Management Software is Wildly Expensive

Just the very software has mythical dollar signs around it. And in the broader world of software solutions, things can get expensive. But in field service management,  your software options are reasonably priced.

According to the same Capterra study, most businesses expected to spend $8,500 per year on software. In reality, they spent closer to $7,200 per year. And the median cost was much lower at $1,500 a year.  If you’re worried about spending an arm and a leg to get your software off the ground, feel free to wipe that bead of sweat off your brow! Another myth has been busted.

Myth #4: Software is Frustrating and Hard to Use

You’ve likely heard some common objections to software. It’s hard to get techs to adopt. It’s cumbersome. It breaks down. It takes more time. There are a range of options on the market and some are better than others. But on the whole, the field service software myths you have heard are dead wrong.

In fact, Capterra’s recent User Research Report found that 81% of software users were either satisfied or very satisfied with their software.

Myth #5: Software Won’t Help My Bottom Line, so Why Bother?

Many claim that despite flashy new features, software on the whole won’t boost a field services business’ bottom line. They argue that software ends up hurting the bottom line because of increased implementation and device costs (see costs, busted above).

This myth is also false. A recent Aberdeen study showed that accounts receivable errors averaged 53% among field service organizations on the whole. But among those utilizing cloud-based software, accounts receivable errors averaged just 14%.

Capterra’s research also revealed that 83% of field service software users saw a positive impact on customer payment times. And 90% saw an impact on the number of customers won using quotes. It sounds like software does impact the bottom line.

In the end, what you’ve heard about swallowing watermelon seeds, touching toads, and implementing field service software might be false. But whether you choose to see past these myths is up to you.

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