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Change is on the horizon for field service.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, artificial intelligence will assess and schedule 10% of all emergency field service work, and 75% of organizations will deploy mobile apps to track and assist technicians. Emerging technologies and field service management software are changing the way managers operate.

As more solutions and best practices rise to the surface that promise to improve the productivity, efficiency, and optimization of your service team, the pressure is on for field service managers to adapt. But how can you tell which innovations are worth adopting or which field service trends will stick?

Listening to experts in the industry is a great place to start.

To help you stay informed of the latest field service technologies, trends, and insights, we’ve compiled a list of 13 field service experts you should follow. Each expert on this list can help inspire your efforts to provide your team with solutions that maximize the profitability of your services.

Ray Wang
Principal Analyst, Founder & Chairman | Constellation Research

Author of the best-selling book “Disrupting Digital Business,” Ray Wang is an expert in applying disruptive technology to various industries, including field service, to transform business models and improve processes. To check out an example of Ray’s expertise, read his recent post on dynamic leadership and how it can improve response times.

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Sarah Nicastro
Editor in Chief | Field Technologies Magazine

A well-known voice in the field service industry thanks to her work as the Editor in Chief for Field Technologies Magazine, Sarah is an expert in many topics from field service analytics to culture. If you want to get a feel for Sarah’s expertise, read her recent article on diversifying the field service workforce and using augmented reality to modernize customer service.

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Kris Oldland
Editor in Chief | Field Service News

With almost a decade in business to business publishing, Kris has an intimate understanding of what is important when it comes to service. He has a passion for emerging technology, which means that with field service he has found an industry that excites him every day. He’s helped Field Service News grown to become a central pillar within the global field service industry, with a heavy footprint across the UK, mainland Europe, and US.

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Flavio Martins
EVP of Customer Support and Validation | DigiCert, Inc.

Included on Huffington Post’s list of the Top 100 Customer Service Management Experts, Flavio’s dedication to excellent service has not gone unnoticed. With specialties in process improvement, operations, and service analytics, Flavio is a leading source for field service management advice.

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Joe Panettieri
Co-founder and Editor | MSSP Alert, ChannelE2E, After Nines

With over 25 years of experience as a technology professional, Joe Panettieri’s expertise is in innovative technology solutions that allow for more flexible operations—something that is key in field service management. Joe is also an avid journalist as the editor for three major technology publications, meaning he is always on top of the latest trends in technology.

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Jon Rivers
President | Marketing Monarchs

Having led successful campaigns for the likes of Microsoft and Cisco, Jon Rivers has a history of helping Fortune 500 companies grow through innovative solutions. Jon is most well known for his strategic approach to social selling, helping organizations get more value out of their social networks.

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Jim Robinson
Research Director, Field Service Management | Gartner, Inc.

Equipped with over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Jim Robinson’s background spans software development management to accounting. He’s also a business process and software selection executive coach, mentor, and speaker who is focused on field service, IoT, customer experience, and collaboration.

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Michael Blumberg
President & CEO | Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc.

A leader in maximizing field service revenue for more than 30 years, Michael Blumberg is a must-follow expert for field service managers. Michael’s primary focus is in helping field service managers meet their current challenges and uncover new growth opportunities. For a taste of how he can help, check out his slideshare on Strategies for Unlocking the Value of Your Service Supply Chain.

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Giuliana Anglin
Senior Field Marketing Manager | Motorola Solutions

With nearly 20 years of experience in field marketing, Giuliana is an expert in making sure her field teams are well equipped to reach their goals. Her enablement strategies are key in helping her team reach a 98% win rate, showing that deploying tools that make your team more effective are crucial for field team success, whether they’re in field marketing or field service.

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Ralph Rio
Vice President | ARC Advisory Group

Ralph Rio’s work experience spans over 40 years, making him an expert with plenty of first-hand knowledge to draw from. In addition to his valuable experience, Ralph has also extensively researched and written on topics, such as field service and enterprise management. His work also includes the much anticipated Field Service Management Worldwide Outlook Study.

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Sumair Dutta
Research Analyst

Sumair Dutta is an experienced analyst in customer and field service strategy. Primarily, Sumair focuses on researching field service workforce management, social and multi-channel support, and mobility to help organizations create more functional and profitable field service teams.

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Aly Pinder Jr.
Program Director - Service Innovation & Connected Products | IDC Manufacturing Insights

Aly Pinder is an expert in analyzing research to help field service leaders leverage new technologies (e.g. internet of things) that support their operations. And as a former researcher for Aberdeen Group, Aly knows how to find relevant and helpful research for the field service industry. For a fun read that could also teach you a thing or two about field service management, read Aly’s article What Field Service Can Learn From LeBron James.

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Matthew Carr
Vice President of Marketing & Field Operations | Verizon Wireless

As a VP for one of the top field service organizations in the world, Matthew Carr practices what he preaches, applying his own field service insights to his role at Verizon Wireless. Responsible for Verizon’s field operations, Matthew is an expert in field service strategies that optimize workflows.

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Field Service Insights From the Pros

More and more eyes are on field service leaders as new technologies are emerging to maximize service profitability. To make good on that promise, it’s important that you stay on top of the latest field service technologies, trends, and best practices to make sure your teams are geared up for success.

While this list is sure to keep you in the know, we know we’ve only scratched the surface. Who’s on your go-to list for field service insights?

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