Demand Forecasting Software

Enjoy the advantage of increased accuracy when projecting future demand

The mandate for efficient and effective field service has never been more important, and service is increasingly viewed as a competitive differentiator in a landscape of commoditized products. In every industry, whether B2B or B2C, demand forecasting software as a strategic tool is a key part of delivering against this mandate.

Accurate forecasting of service demand can improve business performance and enable organizations to increase customer satisfaction, increase SLA compliance, manage service costs and resource utilization. To help achieve these results, field service organizations need Demand Forecasting software.

Benefits of Demand Forecasting Software

ClickSoftware’s forecasting software is the first link in the service chain, setting the stage for planners to create an accurate resource plan based on historical data and optimize service delivery end-to-end. It’s an essential component in enabling truly predictive field service. The solution provides the freedom to experiment with anticipated business events and multiple forecast scenarios enabling:

  • Greater cost control
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Greater schedule accuracy
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee satisfaction

While forecasting is a common practice for service-based businesses, it is often a function that is carried out in a silo, with little connection to what’s happening in the business. That’s where ClickSoftware’s Demand Forecasting software comes in. Developed specifically for field service organizations, forecasting takes much of the guesswork out of predicting unplanned service requirements so companies can be confident in the results as they move on to the more tactical step of capacity planning.

Service demand is often driven by various forces within the organization, and it is important that resources and budget align with overall corporate goals. Forecasts should therefore apply information from across the organization, including sales and marketing plans, strategic organizational decisions, and anticipated outcomes of planned business events.

Improve Resource Plans with Historical Data

Demand Forecasting software merges historical volume and performance data with assumptions about the future to produce a highly accurate workload forecast. It applies predictive algorithms to historical data to produce a graphical interface that requires no special statistical knowledge to interpret or modify. Each forecast can be tailored to exactly the timeframe, resolution and domain required by different management levels in your organization.

Before creating the baseline forecast, ClickSoftware enables business users to adjust the imported historical demand to smooth out highs and lows that occurred as the result of events that have no relevance for the future. Once the baseline has been created, Demand Forecasting software enables changes to be made in a variety of ways, including adjustments to expected growth rates. Additionally, for each scenario, different statuses can be applied to indicate if it is a draft all the way through to approved by management.

Reports can be shared with other personnel to obtain their feedback and further refine the forecast. Once the forecast is complete, it is exported to Capacity Planning to determine the resources needed to meet the demand.

Demand Forecasting software ingests historical data from any external database via CSV, and is part of the Click Field Service Edge platform, enabling forecast data to be seamlessly leveraged by Capacity Planning.


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